Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Dawn Breaks Over Pakistan!

As a new dawn breaks over Pakistan, a country of over 160 million people, my hope in democracy and the power of the people is finally restored! As a radio anchor from Canberra , Australia was asking me yesterday that many people in the west are thinking Pakistan to be a failed state, I was wondering what so little we are doing for people to get this impression. But then the dynamics in our country and this region are so overwhelming and so different! Hope and aspirations of a people so diverse in their culture but unified by a dream and a religion , so pure, simple and peaceful! No after this morning's announcement after a crazy, momentous, yes literally momentous 24 hours, we see that Pakistan's elected prime minister has given us finally what all political parties,excepting one (for what reason we do not know!) wanted.He has restored the judiciary.
The heavy and popular mandate of the Muslim League (Nawaz) is also seen on streets. The lifting of section 144 in all provinces also shows that elected governments, and true political leaders like Yusuf Raza Gilani, if allowed to prevail will make good decisions. There was no need to take the draconian clamping of civil liberties in Pakistan. The movement by the lawyers was ironically given a fast forward momentum by these police forced measures. As for Mr Salman Taseer the funny yet damaging, governor with dark glasses, his horrible decision to allow Basant (kite -flying) festival in lahore, while the police was busy elsewhere resulted in death of five children. Two were electrocuted and three died if throat cutting injuries. This happens because the wire to fly kites is coated with metal and glass. The use of such material is banned but the enforcers of this law were busy beating and fighting with political workers and lawyers. So much for the governor in dark glasses!
Back to Punjab, I do hope that Mr Nawaz Sharif also shows some sense and forms some sort of friendly alliance with Muslim League(Q) as soon as posible. They should practice the politics of forgive and forget and give others also a chance to show their leadership. People like Mr. Javed Hashmi who have suffered jail cofinement and also other workers should be brought forth in political leadership teir. This is the only wqay these political parties will go into the rfuture. This old system of fiefdom like, politics should be over with.
Mr Zardari should also leave his presidency and concentrate on building up his party on democratic lines and on the pattern of modern parties. There is no need to feel threatened of losing his Bhutto label. He should also understand that his party has a good mandate in all regions of pakistan and a good infrastructure. All the workers and leaders of the party have stuck loyally. Their loyalty is beyond doubt. He should concentrate on building democratic mechanisms in his party to bring about new leadership for future. His son naturally enjoys popularity. He will come back in Pakistan politics with a glow! His mother is enough as an institution in democratic behaviour in itself! He should now sieze the opportunity to distance himself from direct governance and let the prime minister handle the governance issue. He should now concentrate on building party for future on an institutional basis . That will be his chance to Glory!
As far as judiciary is concerned, they should now seriously stop politicizing and playing up to the masters as so many of them have done for so many years in the past.They should now bring about the much needed reforms and in their behaviour too!
The armed forces should also and maybe they already do realize and concentrate on their professional duties. As it is their challenges are huge ang mind bogling. Only this way they will gain the full confidence of the people who, are so simple and love them so much.
I as an ordinary citizen see a bright star shining above Pakistan! Long live Pakistan!Long live it's beatiful people.

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