Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Sexy Wikileaks, Unholy Alliances and Steroidal Muscle.

The too old Saudi King who may be soon replaced by his Prince.
There is a saying in Urdu "Hathee ke daant dikhane ke aur aur khane ke aur" meaning tha the elephant tusks are only cermonial. So it seems that the now Wikileaks that seem so sexually promising and then impotently disappointing appear to be. Rafia Zakaria, the sister of Fareed Zakaria and daughter of Rafique Zakaria is so right in her latest Dawn newspaper artcle. Says she that "for all the breathless agony that followed the revelations, the cables themselves provided little to substantiate the claims of a catastrophe that had accompanied their release." ( HTTP://WWW.DAWN.COM/  ). I am however neither excited of the "revelations" nor so fond of repeating that the now "B" grade geo network is running a the ticker news continuously on its strange and unethical television channel. So who cares that sitting army head is happy to act behind the scenes. Who damn cares that the previous ambassador who by the way had a ? CIA background was assured by the prime minister of a complete action in Bajaur. I can almost visualize the Geo network as a sick monster with spit and fake blood dripping from its mouth when  writing anti-US newstickers.What would be the result if no action was taken.
 By the way wasn't Bajaur a den of people who were training to destroy all those Pakistanis who differed like Barelvis, Shias, liberals etc  with the help of Muslim foreigners and some say Indian agents and  Deobandi Taleban style aka Shemzai alias Islamist in Afghan Taliban style ( pretending to be Pakistani) terrorists? So who funded the initial set up? And why is there a howl albiet a wounded stray dog like about King Abdullah asking favors of the US to eliminate so and so. Where do the petro-dollars come from when the Pakistani national beggars (not the present elected government) and in 1980 the Ziaists who fuc****d up Peshawar and the entire NWFP, its generation with guns, militancy, wrong religious pumping, if not  from Saudi Arabia.saudis will use their influence all over the world and why not? Why do you think that the Ghostly Osama Bin Laden has a big bone of contention with the Saudi family? Oh its not the US alone naked in this unholy bath and alliance. Its all of us dearies, Pakistanis, hypocrites and all. A country where the Sunnis have united to kill or hang a poor old Christian Aasiya Bibi in revenge for Aafiya Siddiqui though the Islamic justice system is entirely different and where forgiveness is loved by Allah and even the prophet of Islam was very careful in declaring a verdict as seen b the example of  a woman who wanted adultery punishment to escape the wrath of the punishment of fire in the afterlife. A tooth for tooth means hang Aasiya Bibi. Poor governor Salmaan Taseer who is declared an infidel expelled from the circle of Islam by small time tellevision and halwa eating Sunni power groups created by the Ziaist and the good old Saudis and US back in the eighties. Look at my luck! Instead of writing and praising the beautiful movie "Dirty Dancing" I have to write this. So the Sunniist with ample bellies, their new slick, sexy videos on the various tv channels with body movements, face expression good enough to drive any fully veiled, burqa lady and the quietly accepted in Pakistani society homosexuals crazy, declare the poor Christian Aasiya bibi with children who was uptill now living respectfully in the sexy Punjab, has been suddenly declared blasphemous. This is our kind of Pakistani, Islamic national Wikileaks. Aah poor me. Self pity, confusion. So the custodian of the Kaaba Sharif made to look like a monster? Asking Iran's nuclear facilities to be attacked by the US? Tch! Tch!
Such a shock for the halwa eating, always dreaming erotica Pakistanis! But then the agricultural, down to earth Ahmedinejad is slyer , yes, sharper. He doesnt believe in conspiracy theories. Look how conveniently he forgot the Holocaust? Although the Zionist state of Israel is the result of the "Awakening". Says he that this is a trick to make the neighbours and brothers enemies.
I see the entire sexy Wikileaks Saga almost like the one thousand and one nights in an entirely different light. The US may appear to look stern and squirmish but the entire spotlight has shifted from Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda to well so many other issues.
Take for instance China getting bored of North Korea behaving like a spoilt child. now that is news! China always wanted to be the regional Bully. How can it give this major role to any one else. How convenient that there are no major Wikileaks about India as yet. Let the good people read the 2500 documents while I listen to Amir Khusro songs in Raag Bagheshwari and keep on helping the poor, women, children and sick in Pakistan.
The weak looking Wiki Leaker Assuange.
By the way the US should not bother to punish the weak, unsexy looking Assuange who looks like he had malnutrition, calcium deficiency , is definitely not the horny, testerone filled, assaulty type. US should drive him over into Pakistan where just for bieng white, of uncertain religious leanings he will be thoroughly buggered, given asylum, used all over by everybody and if not converted to a certain kind of Islam maybe bombed to smithereens or implicated in a crime he never committed. Alternatively he maybe given princely treatment but still buggered and forgiven for a rape that he committed, made a hero of because it was of a White, ?Christian? female in the US.Sexy stories from the Wikileaks continue meanwhile ...slurp...slurp! Spit.

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