Friday, November 26, 2010

The State Of Violence and Deteriorating Law And Order In Sindh.

The State Of Violence and Deteriorating Law And Order In Sindh.

Dr Meher Zaidi.

The news that a powerful landlord group has taken over forcibly the lands of some small farmers in Thatta area shows how blatantly powerful the criminals have become in Sindh even after the massively devastating floods. The increased reports of rapes, videos for blackmail and the most recent rape victim’s pathetic state in Peoples Medical College Hospital ,Nawabshah where she is admitted reflects on the sad and totally pathetic law and order status in Sindh. The violence against women cases are rising too fast. There is no follow-up of these cases after initial media reporting. The media should follow up these cases. The lethargy on the part of the government seems to be evident by two or three visit and then neglecting the whole issue. The women ministers in Sindh do try to offer some help but the entire mechanism of action and planning on these issues seems to be adhoc only. The Karo-Kari  murders are also not being properly registered and the judiciary is absolutely numb and non-proactive on this issue.
While the flood affectees even clutch for meager food and other help from humanitarian agencies , the government is happily planning a Zulfikarabad. A town where already rich will be given latest plots, apartments, land facilities. Where the landless will not get an inch of either land or jobs. Instead of improving and building on cities like Hyderabad, Sukkur, Jacobabbad, Larkana and several others, including those devastated by floods, calls are being made to develop this new town. At whose expense will this be done? The already overtaxed, already in the net taxpayer. What about the big, bad landlords? Do not they have to pay taxes? Is the country run on such stupid terms? What is the opinion of the international community? Will it be ignored? Is not the tax base to be widened? Will the country become more economically and politically un-viable.
Unless the law and order situation is not improved , no investor and especially in Thar Coal will come to Pakistan. This all information is available on net. The whole treatment of Thar Coal issue is being mishandled by the government who is unable to understand that its development will make Sindh and then the whole of Pakistan rich. Their action-plan, their governance is totally short of the real need for development of  Sindh’s resources. Obviously when Sindh is being ruled and dictated by criminals who are forcibly doing all the acts of violence in the villages and towns of Sindh and where the local population is helpless, how can reform be expected. It seems that the Pakistan Peoples Party mandate is entirely and seriously hijacked by idiots. Corruption in each and every field has eaten away at the entire fabric of Sindh. When will the people understand their own importance?

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