Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Broken Heart.Sindhi Health.

Mera dil tau hai sanam ashna 
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mere dard-e dil- ke  O charagar
Ke huwee hai tujh ko yeh kab khabar
Mein yahan chupaye hoon bechargee
Tu hai bekhabar, O charagar
Mera dil kata
Mera dil bujha
Mera jism faqat 
  Misaal Qafas-e-sar
Aye bekhabar, aye bekhabar
Kahan khawab mere
Kahan khawahishain
Tau hai kab mujhe tatolta?
Mein hun nange sar
Sare rehguzar
Yeh saraab saje haen jo Sindh par
Woh mere wajood ke hain zalzale
Woh mere naseeb ke hain hosle
Jo faqat bane hain mera
Ek sada muqaddar
Aur yeh lutere, charagar
Jo bane mere hain hamsafar
Sare Soo-e Daar
Charadhain ge
Mujhe Muqtadar
Mere charagar
Mein yuheen paree
Na hai charagar
Na koi safar
Bas ek khamosh
Bund aur safar
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein woh husn ki jo hun Marvi
Mein woh paak Mumal ki Ranui
Mein yuhee kharee hun
Is bund par
Sar-e rehguzar, nang sar
Aur kho gaya hai woh charagar
Kaheen dard mein, kaheen khawab mein
Yeh jo faasle hain beqadar
Kabhi khatam  hon
Na umeed kar
Yehi dhool mere naseeb ka
Banee sada Muqaddar
Mera nang sar
Mera dil bujha
Aur yeh aas bhi hai ab toot chukee
 Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein.
Bas aik lamha-e besabar
Bas aik Umeed-e Besehar
Meri sookhi aankh 
Ka khusk motee
Tau dekh le 
Aye charagar
Tujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Tera dil tau hai sanam ashna 
Tujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Tau hai Muqtadar
Par O charagar
Tau hai bekhabar
Tau hai bekhabar.

Charagar Ka Jawab

Mein hun bekhabar, yuheen charagar
Mera dil tau hai sanam ashna
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein

Mein khara yuheen is bund par
Sare rehguzar
Na jawab mere paas hai
Na hisaab mere paas hai
Na zulf ka aseer hun
Na jaam-e dastgir hun
Mera dil tau hai sanam aashna
mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein tau aseer  apne wajood ka
Meri puhanch  bas meri Quba
Yeh jo zindagi ka hai silsila 
Mein isee ka hee ab aseer hun
Mere raat din hein ek saraab
Mere jid juhd ek faraib
Mein hun bekhabar hisaab se
Mein hun behaya , na hun basharam
Mein tau juhl ka hee aseer hun
Mein tau zulm ba qafas-e zameer hun
Mere silseley hein bare bure
Tau jo dekh le 
Tau jaan le
Mujhe kiya mile ga namaz mein

Yeh jo jaal hein phailaaye huwe
Mei ne apne wajud ke faraib se
Diye hein taqwiyat yeh faraib ko
Mere zulm-e laazawal ko
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mere haj, zakaat aur silsile
Yeh tere wajood- naheef ka
Karte hein aujhal silsila
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein

Mere but bhi aur, mere jaam aur
Mera kaaba aur,  Shyaam aur
Mujhe kiya milega namaz mein
Mein hun bekhabar
Hisaab se
Magar ab theher O nang-e sar
Mujhe aati hai 
sar-e daar se
Tu jo Nooh ki malook hai
Tu jo Moosa ki  hai hamsafar
Shayad tera bhi hai koi Khuda
 Muqtadar, Muqtadar
Woh kitaab hai utaarta
Woh bhaag hai sanwarta
Woh hai Muqtadar
Woh hai Muqtadar
Mein kaarobar sameit loon
Joh hai Jabal-e Shar
Mein shayad nijaat pa bhi loon
Mujhe kuch mile ga namaz mein
Tere hosle jo hain beqadar
Kaheen unka bhi kamal ho
Usee sajda-e nasooh mein
Mere zulm ka bhi hisaab ho
Teri aankh ka woh moti
Ho mera zareeai hisaab 
Aye Muqtadar
Aye nang sar
Teri thokaron ke hisaab mein
Mera dil hai ab bujha huwa
Mein hun Muqtadar ke saamne
Mera sar hai ab jhuka huwa.

Translation :
Alas my heart is an idol worshipper
Woe, what my namaz
O my dream maker
O my problem -solver
O my physician
O my Landlord
O my politician
O my ruler
Whence did thou know of my helplessness
O whence did thou know of my destitution
O whence did thou know of my hunger
O whence did thou know of my lost dreams
You are unaware
Alas you do not know
That my heart is broken into numerous shattered pieces
That my heart is bleeding from deep, deep cuts
It is smouldering, sorrowful, 
My weakened body, my hungry existence is just a parody
of life , of existence
O unaware, O unaware.
Where are my dreams, thou should ask
Where are my desires?
Ah, but whence do thou search my heart?
whence do thou probe my dreams?
I am wihout a shade
In this incessant sun
On the pathway
Shelterless, eternally
Landless, eternally.
Yes I follow the mirage of Sindh
Dusty, parched

Those are the earthquakes of my existence
Those are the courage of my fate
That are my fate only
And these are the looters
And these are the dream-makers
False, false
Oh,so false!

These are my Humsafar
They will but hang me on the death hanger
My worldly lords, my dream makers

My abandoned existence on the dusty path
No solace, no helper
This quiet existence , no journey to a dream
 I lie, I lie abandoned.
Alas what solace in prayers will my wretched self get?
Or  will  it? 
Or is this my only hope
Yes my only lifeline is this link to God
 Otherwise ?
I, the beautiful pure Marvi
Stand alone on the Bund
Without scarf, without hope
And lost is my dream- maker
In some faraway dream.
Will these unassailble distances lessen
Do not hope
This dust is but my fate
In this land
My open head and my broken heart
My hope is also gone, lost
What will I get in prayers
Only a fleeting moment of joy?
Only a dark long night of unredeempt hope
And the dry, lustreless pearl of my eye
Is tearless
 Do you see it, O my dream-maker?
What will you get in namaz.
You are but powerful
But O dream-maker you are unaware

The Dream-maker's Answer

Lo and behold I am but an ignorant fool
Pretender, helper, dream-maker
My heart is but an abode of false idols
Here I stand on the bund
On this dusty path
I have no answer to your forlorn queries
Alas I have no accountability
I am not an ardent lover of your sweet, sickly face
O, Marvi
Neither does my heady wine flows for your parched lips
O Marvandi
My heart is but a den of idle idols
What use prayers for me
I am but a prisoner of my  false, fake existence
I can only concerned with my bodily comforts
I am but a prisoner of this intricate worldly life
Alas, my days and nights are
But a mirage
My strife and effort a false pretense
I am oblivious of repentance
I am but shameless
I am but a slave to ignorance
I keep my conscience in a cage, entrapped
Lest it becomes free
My life's intricacies are despicable
I keep them hidden from your eyes
Lest you see them
 Lest the ugly truth be revealed
Huh, what will I get in prayers!
And these nets that I spread for trapping
By my fake existential being
These enhance and strengthen the falsehood
My tyrannical prowess
Huh, What will I get in prayers!
My Hajj, zakat and other silsile
Hide your emaciated existence
From the eyes of the world
Huh; what will I get in prayers!

My idols are different
My wine is but a different flavor
My Kaaba different
My Shiyam different
What will I get in prayers?
I am but ignorant
Of the ultimate accountability
But behold 
Wait O uncovered
I do hear the news
I do smell the smell of accountability
From the site of the hangman's place
Yes you are the wretched poor follower of Noah
Yes you are the journey partner of Moses
Yes you do have a God
Powerful, Almighty
He that sends down the books
He that adorns your ways
He is the powerful
He is the Almighty

let me pack my business
That which is a mountain of evil
Maybe I can find redemption
Maybe I get something in prayer
Your strengths unbound
They should be rewarded
This eternal prostration of redemption
May lead me to freedom from sin
Your dry eyed pearl
should be enough for my redemption
O ,that with uncovered head
O powerful
In your feet I lie
For salvation
My heart is smoldering now
I am in the presence of the powerful 
My head is bowed in front of the Almighty.

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  1. A powerful piece depicting the bitter truth of the apathy of our 'charagars' when our folks have lost their dignity, their lives! :(

    Keep your voice raised! Keep your poetry flowing for the noble cause of standing by the misery-stricken!