Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Politics For Fools..A Citizen's Perspective.

Pakistan has faced the biggest floods in modern history. The world seems ignorant of the devastating impact of the dire consequences, bleak future and dark, grim reality that awaits like an ugly Mephistopheles in the lurch behind. The political circle of fools continues spinning incessantly, throwing spits of blood, gory and putrid. The citizenry trudges along, heavy with economic burden, with emaciated bodies and sore, shoeless feet. Like a Picasso image, so etched in memory or like a Sartre opening paragraph from Iron in the Soul.

Is there dignity in the way citizenry is treated? We are but ignorant fools. We the poor, burdened emaciated citizens. As the thick, poisonous , tentacles of the ivies of treachery and deciept spread around us, we the fools, pretend not to notice. The shrill laughter of the decieptful  beauracrats, politicians, smugglers, religious gangsters, murderers, tricksters, fuedals and their sycphantic lepors and parasitic servants continues to bleed us  incessantly.
They think we are fools but we see with our Heart's eyes, with our soul's purity. Yes we do see.
We see how the fools have been playing silly politics by showing you and me category where it should have been us. In Karachi, in Hyderabad, in Sindh. We have been playing irrelevant politics where we should have been working on the field , with the people, among the people in Punjab but where the party head of the popular government has totally become irrelevant whereas his younger brother has taken on all uniforms on one man role for this day and age. We have been playing dormant, intellectually and socially in Baluchistan where the Booted Elite has tied our hands and nailed our feet. Where our so-called friendly fools have turned our economic progress into a war for freedom.
Alas the people have to rise. Alas the  people have to be given free and fair chance to lead their lives with dignity and egalitarian values. We , the citizens have to demand our basic rights to health, education , employment, freedom to worship, and dignity of labor.
The wily, slippery, street smart head of our state does manage to steer the ship along turbulent, choppy waters, with politics of inclusion but he has not been manouevering before. So , this does seem an experiment. but do we have a choice? There will be no state left if we do not let the rooster rule. We have to bear the brunt till completion of term. The mad media may shout, churm, and froth at its wide open mouth. We have to tolerate the role of being the corn in the cobmill for another few years. but the world moves fast. The idiotic, bigotted, demigods, with Draculine facies and Medusian minds from across and inside our borders continue to prey on our childrens' flesh and bones.

So will the ruling elite of extremely questionable intelligence and character be fair now and not fight uselessly over irrelevant issues and just work to improve the bad, bad, condition of its citizens. If there are no citizens , there will be no state. A big kick on your big fat asses.
Dr Meher Zaidi , the writer with her Moro flood region patients.

We want health, education, dignity of existence, food and right to choose life.

The floods 2010 washed and slapped across our fat faces the state of chronic malnutrition, hunger , bordering on starvation of our common man, woman and children.

This is how the common Pakistani man really looks like, if you take his torn and tattered clothes off.
The Pakistani Muslim reality that the Soapy, Vomitty, Media should continuously show. Its not the govt. DUMBOS its all of us.


  1. you make us proud as a citizen of this country of our forefathers.

    keep up the good work,May Allah SWT bless you ameen.

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