Monday, October 17, 2011

Pakistan Happenings...The Bites Of October2011.

Better to have beasts that let themselves be killed than men who run away. 
Jean-Paul Sartre 

Life in this happening country seems such a vortex. Confusion abounds,hollow promises prevail, a daze bordering on stupor is what young men think is a hope for the future. Punjab rises almost like paper tigers, one sided, limp. The call for protests on the streets by lonely, lonesome, single and single handed leaders like Sheikh Rasheed, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jehangir Tareen,falls on the really deaf ears of the poor, hungry, illiterate, exploited masses who cannot see them as they neither have television sets nor any electricity. The scions and paper, oops sorry tigers/ lions of Punjab give call for anarchy. Come out on the streets and do what? Break public property? Poor people of the Punjab, especially the jigar daran of Lahore; being cut to sizes like moths by the deadly Dengue virus. The public hygiene and the public health that was single handedly governed and "improved" by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif exposed.The older brother making convenient "Shamiana" trips to Sindh to show his presence, failing to satisfy any rain/flood affected people. Calls for a third force being exposed by Nadeem Mallick
in his talk show Islamabad tonite.So who and what constitute a third force?The PML -F as it is a small Pir Pagara power party cannot bring about revolution.Sheikh Rashed of the small Awami Muslim League dreaming or rather stuporing about an Arab Spring in Pakistan as if the Zia ul Haq Arab/ Foreign assault on Pakistan is not enough for a lifetime.
And the fascistinating ,oops the fascinating brilliant politics of Sindh. Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza giving television speeches/ interviews bordering on blasphemy in his , uh , so charming, naive, immature way. Giving challenges almostlike a little spoilt boy who really does not know what he wants to achieve and diverting attention albeit for a few seconds from the real plight of the peasants, workers, small traders of Sindh who have now according to the Oxfam and World Food Program, no food to eat. Diverting attention by trite issues like do not like the faces of MQM boys from grave issues like severe malnutrition , almost no doctors and lady doctors in Sindh, bad infrastructure like roads and bridges in Sindh, total lack of machinery for water removal, which the Sindh government should have obtained on a permanent basis after the 2010 floods. Despite pleas by sane people to improve the irrigation department and bringing about meaningful governance on waterways and their infrastructure, the Sindh government was busy somehow managing to appear to do some work in this area. The tragedy of Indus Right Bank, the displacement of millions of people, the indignity of their camp life and their courageous return to their villages and towns has not even been recognised by the "smart, ready for sacrifice" Sindh politicians. Instead of concentrating on real development and restructuring they are concentrating on fighting turf wars in Karachi and Hyderabad.
A sane voice calls out. This is not the time for fight. No time for revolution. Do not become like the court of  King Louis XVI  but more like Louis the IVth
As far as men go, it is not what they are that interests me, but what they can become.
Jean-Paul Sartre 
Is there hope in such a bleak , well, hazy scenario? Yes , if we start doing serious politics, not stupid politics. The politicians need to become sane. My God that is not demanding too much or is it?They need to read more for one.They need to listen more for two. And definitely they need to act after informed discussion and debate in order to survive in this fast moving world.
Everything has been figured out, except how to live.
Jean-Paul Sartre 

So go figure out how to live and not how to destroy by ignorance and corruption.

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. 
Jean-Paul Sartre 

Free the people from oppression, tyranny and disease. Give them education. Give them pens and not guns.Give them the chance to live. Give them health and not death.

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