Monday, October 31, 2011

Imran Khan's Great Game of Sorts.

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. William Shakespeare.
His rally was much awaited , well, as he is so attractive to the media.So I was not surprised when his coolly "choreographed" well orchestrated rally came as a television show with the right songs being played between pauses and all the singers and bands for youth. Then there was the stage finessed flag and scene changing. The Pakistan flag coming up as the nouveau leader comes to the podium. His speech was also well "choreographed" with the right amount of time to lambast the "old" politicians and then he gave some time to the program that he claims will change and save Pakistan. Some salient features like Thar Coal, Getting money back from Swiss and foreign accounts and land reforms seemed attractive .But are they enough? The answer is no. He even asked the USA to help them withdraw from Afghanistan. How was he going to do that? Is he in links with Afghan Taleban? And how?  He keeps his hand on the anti-American pulse of some people of Pakistan and says that we will after coming into power be friends with all the world including USA but will not take dictation from them. What is he talking about? When in power? Or are the elections being rigged this time  to bring him into power? From the Pakistan flag coming up the stage background and the Pakistan Bachao Rally being organized at Minar e Pakistan despite the Nawaz League's strong opposition it seems that some third force is backing Mr. Imran Khan. This is too obvious. The azme Alishan campaign on a tv channel is part of the same game. Pictures of allama Iqbal in the background, Minare Pakistan as the venue, give the clues of the choreographer. The only positive side is that the corrupt may now be under some pressure.  After the hopeless display by the Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf in Sindh in last years floods, the Sindhi people will never vote for this wolf in a sheep's clothing(simily) especially as he so despises and hates the other large urban party leadership.It seems that for the time bieng Mr. Imran Khan's rally will remain an entertaining focus on some issues like corruption, negotiating with the Taleban and a third force inspirational populist hero presentation despite the Washington Post's claims of large crowds and The Sidney Morning Herald's same claims 

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  1. I think we can lead arab spring as what to do in phase 2,that will be really cool.