Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hindukush Culture (Pakistan)-Khowar Music And Songs.

The Khowar music and songs are representative of these people.There is melody(hang) and rythm(ahang).Old songs are bieng replaced by newer ones and words from Urdu and Persian are bieng taken in them. Two main categories are dani and sauz.Dani style is older than sauz.Each singer presents his unique rendition of a song. The background of most songs is known to the people.The singers were people who composed th music and wrotetheir own songs. Many songs are ancient and passed fromgeneration to generation.
The musical instruments are:
Sitar;these are the most popular, made in Chitral and used in almost all songs.
belu; flute,two types are used,wood and bark flutes.
yarba; looks like sitar ,smaller and is used for sad occassions such as funeral songs or songs in praise of Ali and Imam Hasan, religious figures in Muslim Shias. the poetic form associated is marsia.
surnai; it resembles belu but has a mouth piece.
chang; ancient musical instrument of Chitral.
damdama; drum.
daf; with a rim of wood covered in center by replaced with jerikan.
cal dik; clapping of hands is essential in Khowar music.
asurjaan;oldest style of songs;dani music;like free verse in English.It expresses deepest feelings and highest of emotions..Usually passed from generation to generation.usually lines are very long.
luk zuur; folk song also. Tune is not very popular but song is popular.
lan dosi;similar story to luk zuur.
dak yaxdiz;Again a famous folk song with a love story.
hasim begim;Historic song tragic story.This song has not survived but the tune is played.
Yorman hamin; Mirza Mohamaad Siyar was the composer and in dani . This is the most popular folk song.This is genuinely mystic poetry in Khowar.
ser-e-mulko dani;Sher-e -mulk was afamous poet and lover of Nogram.dani and favourite of musicians.
nano begal;dani,tragic.
In fact the Khowar music can be played in all forms of ceremonies and occassions.
The richness of poetic and musical expression can be seen in this form of music.

The Chitral and Hunza culture is unique and forms a fascinating exploration by tourists both local and international.

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