Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Job Pakistan Army!Thanks to our Jawans and Their Families!

The new pictures roll in over television of areas and towns cleared by Pakistani army, I get the new insight into the operational capabilities of the Pakistani army.The towns like Pir Baba, Mingora and other areas show precise target strikes and minimal damage to buildings as in Mingora town and Shrine of Pir baba. these areas were still occupied by many residents. The most damage appears to be to mosques and buildings where militants had stayed and offered stiff resistance from. Collateral damage appears minimal. As reported by media ,one family which was cut off due to lack of communication and did not know that the curfew was imposed and ventured out. This came under fire and lost ten members and suffered injuries. This incidence was very sad and is regretted. the army ha taken great pains to fight in these areas so as to avoid civilian casualties and suffering. As the ministers and administration toured Buner and Pir Baba areas it was clear that the operation in these areas was done with great expertise and precision.Mingora hospital is also now open to public. Food ,water and medicines are bieng supplied to the town.The new strategy is to take local residents, tribal elders and administration on board and form groups for community policing .The army will make areas safe and functional for people to return.
There are clear signs that the army was successsful in destroying militants hold and if a few have escaped ,they seem very few. It is sure that the militants are defeated although the army says they will not declare victory till first line leaders are dead or arrested.
The jawans who gave their lives to defend our country and us are heroes. We salute them. The interviews shown by media of medium ranking officers, young men also showed talent and strength of purpose and knowledge of strategy.These guys knew what they were talking about and high morale.They were not scared of enemy combatants and seem very well trained. We salute the families of the soldiers especially who died as they are true patriots and showed high morale and courage. They said that they will also give more of their sons to defend Pakistan. This is in contrast to the Taleban militants who forcefully and cheatingly recruited young boys and used the name of religion. They have recently kidnapped 45 boys and some staff of a cadet college in Waziristan area .These people will loose their support. All the parties who are supporting the militants and were shouting to stop the operation should see how the army has successfully taken areas back . These parties should now declare their allegiance to taleban and indirectly Al Qaeda and let Pakistani people handle their fate.They call other people cheats ,it is they themselves who are cheating in the name of religion. Pakistani people are patriotic,the villager, the farmer, the common man!


  1. Really Pakistani Jawan has done a great Job over Malakand & Swat their work should be acknowledged by Pakistani people, I like ur appreciation.

    Come to ur blog from feejit's Geo Blog Sphere.


  2. Thanks for your comments. i will visit your blog also and see your views.