Sunday, June 28, 2009

Micheal Jackson, Iconic Pop Singer, His Life An Epic Drama! Death Reveals All!

The dramatic death of Micheal Jackson epitomises the fragility of life, human existence, fraility of the human bieng to fight against the demons of destruction such as child abuse,drugs and search for love. The pain of Micheal Jackson's soul ,if stemmed from abuse in childhood(the doctor's in abuse case in his trial said his development had arrested at 10 years of age ), very fast ,demanding ,materialistic life, which started at 9 years of age was very real for him all his life. As is evident from Deepak Chopra interview on Msnbc which I have posted, he was clearly unable to find help on his own as so often happens in children who are left to fend for themselves. Ironically as is evident from drug use in slum area poor children and street children in Pakistan this is the case.
He was left as as a singer to achieve on his own.He had no real support, help or real love in his life. As Deepak Chopra says he would stop seeing him for weeks whenever Deepak asked him or tried to discuss the reason for taking so much pain killer medicines or tried to help. This is typical avoidance behaviour which becomes a habit with addicts. Micheal Jackson had a musical genius inside his body and to reach out and connect he used music. he was endlessly talented in his form of entertainment, maybe the only one at the crossroads of poular music at the juncture of musical change and appealed to an audience young and old,modern and conventional. He brought a simple recorded video to the epic level of a star though solo studded opera performance. His "thriller" is a representative of his ultimate mastery of entertainment.

Sadly, his life is a picture of the false values and plasticity and fakeness of materialism and so called modern living. His child abuse allegations, Deepak Chopra's revelations that he himself may have been abused, his continuous push as in Western society to maintain status no matter at what cost( remember Nicole?),his complete failure to find peace and health( his vitiligo,heart pain, plastic surgery obsessions are the symbols) are there for every one to see. Amazingly when he was alive no one really brought any real life issues to the fore. This reflects the fakenes of our most modern ,materialistic and especially to blame now Western society. The journalistic and media fakeness is so complex a phenonmenon that the real issues especially facing celebrities are never addressed. The celebrities become like barbies and their lives, soap operas in episodes. No complete picture, no real life compassion.
In real life we need to stop see and think. In real life we need to see, feel and connect. We may find solace in helping .Some poor children, some lost soul!


  1. Thats very true. They are the Western world's idols, and somehow, our society's idols as well...

    We are mourning his death, but who is talking about the lessons learnt from his whole life and the way it ended so jaldi..?

    Great post.

  2. Thanks for reading my post. In our fast and materialistic lives we often forget to stop and see and reach out to children who need help. most of the elitist schools are also not realising the danger of loneliness, lack of diagnosis of depression and other mental and behaviour disorders. The result parents are helpless and the children suffer.