Monday, June 22, 2009


Obama loves Pakistan, can cook daal, Qeema which he learnt from his Pakistani friends' moms during his college years on his Pakistan visits. He seemed relaxed and smiled often during this interview to Dawn TV News.He seemed more relaxed than on a Sunday holiday. I always was struck by his pronunciation of the word Pakistan more clear than Fareed Zakaria's almost like a Pakistani .Now I understand. There is a need now for moderate ,intellegent Pakistanis to take his extended hand in friendship and build on this.We desperately need to project Pakistan as a moderate, peaceful country. The militant and terrorist image needs to be changed. The people who are chanting anti America slogans are infact doing damage to the Muslims in USA and Europe . The Pakistani diaspora in USA was mentioned in friendly terms by Obama.We also need to acknowledge this. See his interview on Dawn News Tv.

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