Monday, June 22, 2009

Out Of Sync Pakistanis! Bad Reporting On Iran!

The Iran Election and post election events reveal the lack of objective reporting by our senior journalists. A senior journalist was crying hoarse on a tv phone in that he had been invited by Iranians to see the elections and he said that I want to tell millions of Pakistanis that Ahmedinijad was overwhelmingly winning in rural areas. This in pre election rallies. Little does he know that 70 % of population now lives in cities and Teheran always reflects the tide of intellectual Iran and is representative of the political scene. Just like Karachi !Their visit and excitement does not prove a thing about Ahmedinijad winning the election. The real fight is now between Mousavi and Khamenei as shown in an article by Simon Tinsdall in editorial page of Dawn newspaper. Mousavi is also now accidental leader. If he was not there it would be another. All the four candidates were chosen out of more than 300 by the guqardian council. All have been approved by the establishment and clergy. Why do our journalists give such stupid and small statements siding up with the incumbent as if siding up with the other would be anti "Islamic"? They have to give unbiased coverage. How can siding up with incumbent be more appropriate in journalistic freedoms and rights of information. If you are trying to protect the principles of "Revolution" then it becomes more appropriate to recognise that "Revolution " is dynamic. Iran itself is not doing any good by blocking BBC etc.,as if the whole world does not watch BBC.We all wait and watch their news no matter what the time and circumstances. When I was a kid in 1965 India Pakistan war, then 1970,all the time.People know the difference and can sense biased and racist reporting. Free press and free expression is everything in the world. Stupid reporting and curbing free expression will never hide the truth.

So out of sync we have been that in the Suez dilemma we were ,that to this day our relations with Egypt are not good. Indian muslims were Khilafat supporters when Ataturk was coming into power. As recent as the American forces were invading Iraq our Tv anchors, I specifically remember one on Geo was saying that Saddam will be victorious and within half an hour the American forces were inside Iraq. I am not justifying the invasion but reporting has to be factual.
The iranian people are fighting for their rights . There are horrible practices such as Rijm still bieng practised. There are more than 70 children including girls on death row. The crime or such reporting is not free. The Basij force are just like Taleban maybe more brutal.They are given a free hand in torture and murder All this is bieng done in the name of revolution. I am sure that Imam Khomeni never visualised such an autocratic way of ruling. Mousavi was more close to Imam Khomeni so he knows what he is talking about. The anti Americanism slogan may not be so appealing for many younger Iranians now . What is so un Islamic about it? All revolutions have to maintain dynamism. 30 years is a long period for maintaining this kind of stance. Iran is a great nation. It has to move forward. Anti Americanism and stagnation in political dynamism and compromise will not help. In this they are helping their own "enemies',the neo cons and Israel.
Pakistani media persons need to do more unbiased reporting and not bring their half baked, psuedo religious ideas in reporting.The human rights violations especially against women and children are to be addressed in Iran just like, Karo Kari, honour killings,and other violent acts against women and children in Pakistan.

Just by saying that we are more muslims and America and Israel are doing this and that and putting the Iran post election problem in the same context will not solve anything. These same journalists hailed the Afghan war and the Mujehiddin in that era and look what it is doing to Pakistan today. We are fighting for our existence. Had these journalists and media people done responsible journalism then w e would not have been in this state. I hope that some senior people take this matter seriously and report on Iran in a more responsible way so that Pakistan has a good relation with whoever comes into power.We have to be with Iranian peoples not the only ruling elite or incumbent president.

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