Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love Steffi Graf,You Love Sabitini,Eh?

This was London,1991, my niece was two and a half years old.I was watching the match between Steffi Graf and Sabitini.As we both snuggled into the sofa she was watching intently the screen. I noticed her watching my face also.After a little while into the game she started bucking up Steffi Graf and would quickly look at me for response. What was she doing?then came the "You like Sabitini,I love Steffi Graf"!
I was so amazed, I did not expect a child of this age to have such strong opinion.
Does this reflect exposure? Do children absorb what we discuss? How does a child understand good game and players?All these are for researchers to see but I know sport is best for health, both mental and physical. Children learn to adjust to real situations in life by bieng a good sport.Their intellegence level maybe also increased by sport also.There is no substitute to sport in relaxation,lifestyle ,and simply living.

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  1. sports are always good ;)
    thanks for sharing a small moment of your life with us