Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama, Mr. Gordon Brown,and other newsmakers!

So finally Mr Brown is bracing himself to face the music. The spending crises of MPs and other issues seem to have taken its toll on the electoral politics of Britain.Pre election I followed the speeches of the conservative candidates closely especially the leader.It seemed that conservatives were like labour only appearing or trying to appear more modern or say upto the times and business friendly? As the spices of Personal expenses scandals added Chutney chutzpah to the bland UK political scene and the vulnerability of Human biengs whether British or poor third worlders came to light I thought about the previous crises of Labour politics.

Mr. Obama starts his tour of the middle East and Europe:Things I noticed In his pre tour interviews and statements were; America is of the largest muslim nations.Here I would like to mention that back in Pakistan we tend to ignore the ideas, thinking, aspirations of American muslims. We think only we exist and that is all. This is particularly true of the religious parties. Whenever they spit out the ugly, ignorant venom against USA and India ,they forget the damage they are doing to the millions of Muslims in these countries, who have to live and participate in civic life.The Obama statement shows how aware he is of the American muslims and their aspirations.He will be the real bridger of the gap in his country.
As he extends a hand of friendship towards the muslims of middle east in particular and all the world in general I see a new iconic leader of the world emerging. he stands not only to reach out to the millions of muslims around the world but also be a direct ideological threat to Al Qaeda single handedly. He negates their image of the Ugly American.He has gained the sympathies of muslims the world over before he was even elected. The intense fear of him and his future success in decimating the Al Qaeda ideology is recently expressed by Aiman Al Zuwahiry (Ghost).He says that the American president is cheating the world and that he is anti-muslim and that he will attack the muslims. All these statements show that they understand what Obama will do to them.
I have hope that Mr Obama will bring peace to the much troubled Muslim world. His future policies will bring stability in the Middle East and the larger world. Without peace and stability in the Middle East nothing will work. Too much water has flown under the bridge. The peace and stability in Middle East is of utmost importance. The existential threat to Israel both ideologically and physically will not go away if this peace is not achieved.
the other important thing he said was about the Iran nuclear road.He has clearly given Iran the chance to persue its nuclear plan if for peaceful porpuse by opening it to open diplomacy and soon too. In this way he forestalls them persuing a weapons programme. if Iran is not persuing a weapons programme ,it will take this offer. What do you think ? Is Iran persuing a non-weapons programme?
Clearly an extension for handshake to Iran is good policy for the long term strategic interests and for world peace.
Tiannemen square Anniversary:Is china free now?Looking back at the horror of Tianneman Square I see the duality of Chinese political system. Bieng a Pakistani and having the experience of living under so many dictatorial regimes(Ayub Khan,Zia,Musharraf)Ironically all are sanctioned by USA.The freedom of speech is always an issue and will remain so. gradually the concept of freedom to think and express will go and away. this is happeneing in pakistan too as the ideas which one group does not like are shunned and now violently countered by the other groups.

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