Sunday, June 14, 2009

Racism,Obama,Pakistani Youth!

Mr Obama's speech has invoked various reactions from many people .The American right neo cons like Hannity gave crazy remarks and made Obama appear like a devil complete with the horns just because he carries black, muslim,genes and also because he has lived in muslim countries like Indonesia and Pakistan. This kind of prejudiced mindset which has brought so much death , destruction, and made USA the most unpopular country in the Muslim world is understandable. It reeks of racism and almost a fascist ignorance amongst many white Americans. This kind of mindset is criticised by Americans themselves, as they are a free coutry and have good education.What I am more concerned and worried about is the mindset and prejudice which the Pakistani youth is facing and failing to understand as a very dangerous trend. The idea of educating oneself in order to find the answer is is so remote amongst our youth. Maybe this is to be blamed on the how kind of education offered and the materialism of the Western education system. Somehow the elitist school system does not cater to free thinking process and freedom of expression.Also the poor have no access to education of any kind at all.
I keep reading many blogs by young Pakistanis and have noticed the trend of glorifying expressions against Americans as something of a religious duty or a heroic expression.They usually make trite anti -American statements not realising that in the process they are doing a disservice to the millions of American muslims who are trying so hard to stabilise their existence in the post 9/11 American society. They have to live there as Americans, justify their immigrant status, maintain their religious and cultural muslim identity. They have to live peacefully and productively. In the process they will be contributing to the larger human existence and also the muslim entity. The American muslims are of varying identity,Syrians,Kuwaitis, Indian,Pakistanis etc.Their cultural and religious traditions are so rich contributers to American society. If the american neocons do not cherish diversity and plurality then it is their lack of vision , but what about the Pakistani youth? When will they understand the meaning of the word social responsibility.
They think that by just remarking in words about Americans doing this and this and this against muslims encompasses all the aspects and complex dynamics of sociopolitical existence of Muslims and Americans? The muslim people of America are they not American? Who has given Pakistanis with their half baked ideas of Islamic dominance the license to make life of muslims in places like India and America difficult by giving and identifying with a dogmatic , almost fascist ,militant Pakistani image?If Pakisani youth has reached this level of representation then UK will deport and arrest Pakistani students even without solid evidence. How do these people intend to solve or address this problem ?By appearing more holier than thou, like an Ostrich? or by just saying we are muslims and we are muslims and we are muslims?
If the world was to be homogenous then God would not have created the tribes and for the mulim youth there is an ayat in the Quran which does say that We divide you in tribes so that you may know each other. This in itself is an edict to understand , respect and cherish diversity and cultural differences.
The long answer or rather questions raised by a young female blogger about the injustices done to muslims by USA in reply to Obama speech(UNIAZA .sniggers and sniffles of a moron)do represent a lot of gieviences but we have to see Mr. Obama 's speech in the following context.
If Mr. Obama did not have the genetic makeup and exposure to muslim cultural background,; if he was like Mr. George bush,what choice would we have to solve these problems? and if at this stage when muslims ,especially Pakistani are so mistrusted,how will we improve the relations between the west and Pakistani muslims?
What is their solution to this problem of furthering the cause of Pakistani muslims,by repeatedly blamig Americans, especially when Mr. Obama is representing the part which will be more open and helpful to muslims.
Do the youth plan to reject his extended hand which is representative of all the Americans which will be friendly to muslim world and indirectly help the neo cons and racist groups in America by rejecting this extended hand?
We have to see the world in the perspective of peaceful coexistence now. We have to reject both the destructive Al Qaeda mentality and the Racist neo con mentality. Both these mentalities have brought enough destruction in the world. And my words to Pakistani youth;
Do not become like the people of Noah's tribe who rejected the Word and God brought the storm.
Do not become like the People of Jesus' who rejected the kingdom of God and were perished into anonimity!
If you are proud to be muslim then be like the followers of Muhammad(peace be upon him) who cherished peace, love, live andlet live and ultimate Faqr as the lifestyle.
Shun and condemn violence, cherish and respect diversity and love all humanity like your Aqa and prophet(peace be upon him) told you.

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