Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran,Where Is It Going?Time Magazine New Article,Joe Klien's new Interview.

And the protests turned deadly continued on the fourth day. nine people dead. The crowds were mostly young people and university students. Both men and women. as I looked at their faces I asked my husband about the Mousavi crowd looking like educated upper middle class outh. Yes he said. He has a rich experience of Iran,pre-revolution and has followed it's politics post revolution for intellectual interest.Only those will rule whom the religious elite will allow!So this is the reality. The crowds that Ahmedinijad pulled were also substantial. So why was the western media making so much noise. Well for one they want people who are more open to west to come, and two they want the religious dominance status qou to be broken. But then as is happening all over the world religious dominant groups more in government and appearing powerful. Is that changing? In USA itself exit Bush and in with Obama. Pakistan's military taking on it's own militants. Is Iran mini -revolt (Rafsanjani,Mousavi) an indication of Iran's peoples ending of romance with dogmatic,fanatic,religiosity and entering or ushering of a new modern albiet not so westernised Iran?
Meanwhile watch this Time correspondent interview for insight into this quasi -revolution setup or change. He describes it as upper middle class revolt which will fizzle out soon. I disagree but watch this fascinating piece.

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