Sunday, December 13, 2009

What It Takes To Win A Nobel Prize!


Elinor Olstrom

Carol Greider


The best part of bieng a human is to reach greatness and fulfill one's dream facing adversity, standing up to  challenges ,due to nature or man -made and find the stars!
As all ten Nobel Laureates gathered in The Royal Library, Stolkholm for a talk with Zeinab Badawi , of the BBC, I was greatly impressed by how some of them , mostly females, overcame strange and difficult circumstances and  difficulties and found the ultimate in worldly recognition for one's ability, the award of the Nobel Prize.This award is the world's most prestigious award given to people in recognition of their discoveries, work, inventions in the fields of Science such as medicine, physics, physiology, chemistry, genetics and of course peace in the world.
Ada E. Yonath,who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, shared with the viewers how she overcame the poverty , her hurdles of overcrowding in dwelling as a child, her father's illness and her mother's illiteracy, and yet found herself a path, an true calling, her intellectual persuit  to fulfilment.she is the embodiment of the resilience of human biengs , to overcome all hurdles, like, disadvantages in economics , residence, immigration  and achieve the highest acknowledgement in one's field.
Carol W. Greider is a woman of substance and determination who inspite her dyslexia in school found herself a way to learn and achieve her learning objective by 'memorising ' the dyslexically difficult areas. She also through ingenuity, human resilience and innovation, overcame a natural hurdle to achieve the finest, celestial goal of doing what one dreams of!
Elinor Ostrom, the winner of shared prize in economics, showed how the gender discrimination,of not bieng allowed to read maths in college in her times, did not stop her from becoming a Nobel Laureate in Economics.She also did not recieve formal school training and was very poor. Her thougts on how humans have great abilities  and perceptions to solve their own problems also are impressive and a lesson of hope to the teeming millions of the world  who are poor and disadvantaged. Perhaps her economic theory will perhaps one day change the problem solvin approach so fashionable these days about ' Elite' solutions and economic endeavours.
George Smith, the winner of Nobel prize in Physics, for his most revolutionising CCD conductor discovery or invention almost 40 years ago shows the immaculate brilliance of his person and of human innovation.It shows the importance of scientific inquiry, the need to create in experiment, how  a basic research helps revolutionise future scientific frontiers.
Venkaratnam is another example of a complete human bieng, balanced in his persuits and endeavours, achieving the highest award in Chemistry, inspite of the un-levelled field that initially is offered to many Asians at the begining in their home countries. He is the epitome of what truely is fulfilment of modern, lifestyle dream, a great intellectual recognition, music, cycling and his other enjoyable hobbies.
for many young people who want to do something in this world , for others and for the world to be  abetter place for all humans must see the lives and works of these and other Nobel Laureates. (
There is a world, a universe out there and  each should find their own path no matter how small, it may one day be big for the whole mankind.Dream big, you may find a new star!
George Smith


  1. The Nobel Prize celebrates human kinds constant struggle for "Knowledge."

    In the "Western" world humans strive for Knowledge - and have since the "Age of Reason." In too much of the East humans still strive for "Wisdom" first. There are those who must filter all new "Knowledge" through a 1400 year old lens - if the "new" "Knowledge" in any way disturbs that 1400 year old "Wisdom" then they reject it out of hand.

    In the West Humans seek "Knowledge" FIRST - then apply their innate power of "Wisdom" - the power each and every human, MAN AND WOMEN, possesses - to each new layer of "Knowledge" revealed by man's never ending thrust for "Knowledge."

    Because of that humans now reach to the stars, reach to understand the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos and the incomprehensible smallness of the quantum. Humans now consider life on other planets and adventures and experiences beyond the comprehension of medieval mankind.

    Islam - like ALL RELIGION - must ONLY accept those aspects of their "Faith" that are constructive, loving, kind and which move men towards greater understanding and caring for each other.

    If there are those who must use a 1400 year old lens with which to study the future - for the sake Mankind - let them not be the people guiding us forward.

    Each newly revealed "Knowledge" deserves to be assessed by "Wisdom" with an open mind and a loving heart - all else leads to stagnation, humiliation and a fundamentalism that destroys the soul and retards the mind.

    The universe awaits human kind - journey with us as we STUDY and LEARN its wonders.

  2. Dear,mylegacy, thank you for reading and commenting on my post. Actually , I believe in equality and universality of humankind.I neither believe in compartmentalising, geographically, racially, belief or any thinking wise any human endeavour or achievement. I have intense faith in the ability and agility of humans, to find knowledge,innovate, invent , survive, achieve greatness in worldly terms, no matter how small or how big, how advantaged or disadvantaged. Living in a third world country , besought with violence, poverty and inequality, I find poor children innovating even with measely paper and thread to create kites, that they fly and find intense joy, that perhaps is the envy of the richest pleasure seeker. Also I find young Pakistani boys and girls, poor and middle class with stars in their eyes to do something, I wish them all the best in the world. We have had our disadvataged, religiously expelled great Abdul Salam, a pioneer in particle Physics, a great Nobel Laureate. He was never recognised by Pakistan because he belonged to a community which was not mainstream. I would not do this mistake. I would not expell any human from recognition on the basis of religious belief, gender, race, physical or mental disability. See Ada is a jew, but she oozes courage, determination, sheer brilliance. I have fallen in love with her. Look at Carol. how she overcame dyslexical disadvantage. Mozarts, Beethoven's music is great,univerasally. Young Muslims must surely rise above and find their place in Science and Technology.I am born in this day and age, surely I will access wisdom and knowledge passed down uptil now, not 1400 hundred years ago, but from begining of 'Time'. Happy Christmas(or Holidays) to you.