Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hope And Change, Obama Wins Peace Prize.

The US president gave a very well phrased acceptance speech in the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony . He recieves a cash prize of $ 1 million along with the prestigious award.
He accepted  many unavoidable truths and swallowed the bitter pill of many ground realities in Afghanistan . As the debate and disappointment in many a liberal US circles over the troop surge in Afghanistan rage, he is smart  and bold enough to face the ugly reality. He had no choice but to heed the advice and commit to more troops by General Stanley Mc Chrystal. Afghanistan is a rocky, rough truth that the US has to stare at!
As Mr Bush's rushed war on terror landed the US people in both Iraq and Afghanistan in quick succession, the American taxpayer was almost not consulted in both the bad decisions. so many years later the questions are still affecting the US taxpayer directly but this time the new US president has no choice to pull out the troops fast. Who ever thinks that they can do that with ease are mistaken. nobody can leave Afghanistan to the mercy of the Taleban as they will again takeover and destroy the remaining vestiges of civilised society left in Kabul. Rebuilding Afghanistan will take a long time , but the presence of US and allied troops will ensure the achievement of this goal.
Wars are never good. they should never be started in the first place. The 'fight and punish them' strategy of Mr. Bush has put the US and rest of the western world in a strange situation. It is now the new US president's job to clean up the mess. As he asked the question' when is violence justified? The answer is never!
Violence is never justified . Mr. Obama should strive for a no war world and leave a legacy of 'Hope ' and 'Change' as the Nobel Prize committee asked him to .  

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