Friday, December 18, 2009

A Poisn'd Chalice ....This NRO!

"Bloody instructions, which, bieng taught return.
to plague the inventor, this even-handed justice
comments the ingredients of our poison'd chalice
to our own lips.
He's here in double trust."  Macbeth, Shakespeare.

We all wait anxiously for the judgement, on the National Reconciliation Ordinance,almost as if our life hangs by a thread , in the hands, nay , the words of the seventeen ,honorable justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. These were the same people who were so unjudiciously confined to a  home , not allowed to attend court by a president , a military dictator, a self centered character, almost the Man, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's amazing characterizing story, looking inside his head, always at himself! he promulgated the NRO, an ordinance of sorts, some say on US insistence whereby a medley of motley individuals, beaurauecrats, politicians, government officials and others gained some advantage by having the cases against them neatly folded and put away. Cases that were some say made up, some say were true, almost eight thousand persons in all four provinces of Pakistan.
The petitioners were also a strange mix, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who after passing and favoring the horrible seventeenth amendment, which legitimized general Musharraf's rule, turned 'verbally' around , clean and innocent, pretending to be  newborn right out of his mother's sterile womb, sterlilised, almost non-sexualized, dettolled! what was his axe to grind with NRO, or Musharraf or mr Zardari? As usual doghla!
. Then there was a former 'Uncle' of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, who could almost appear for a toothpaste ad, after the verdict was announced, gleeful as if in 'revenge'? Sadistic smile on his face!
The best part was the extremely loud and almost obnoxious coverage by Geo tv's Kamran Khan , who made it look like a 'B' grade cinema entry almost  ! Almost everyone, all anchors, all commentrators, all journalists have missed the main point! Intentionally or unintentionally Mr Zardari , is not affected. Both Mr. Zardari and Mr Musharraf have escaped  the 'wrath'.
As the Swiss administration have said that his cases cannot be opened until he has them opened by the government in Pakistan.The excercise of punishing or atleast 'scaring' Mr Malik Qayyum is an excercise in vain as he is not to blame.
So the judiciary has finally said it's say. No call to evidence of the creator and executor of NRO, General Musharraf.
Asma Jehangir is apprehensive. She says that she fears for the powers of the executive and the parliament. This she said in a tv interview with Dunya and also Dawn News tv. She sees the judiciary as almost more powerful than the parliament. She also questioned  as to why there was no Ehtesab of the army generals.Only she can voice this.
This tirade and some sort of 'movement against president Zardari has finally come to a dead end. What was the idea of NRO in Benazir's mind if not reconciliation.She had to come back. She opened the door for Mr Nawaz Sharif's return and participation in politics. The issue of national reconciliation was always there, but of course it was the ordinance which became "the poison'd chalice'!
Mr Zardari always carried the baggage of  disrepute. Asma Jehangir said on her Dunya tv phone in that he should not have become the president in the first place and now he should resign. Many people think so. They say that Mr Zardari should have let the Peoples Party be on it's own. It had enough strength, organisation, passion to survive and find it's leadership. they say that he almost wrested power away from the older and more ingrained guard as a fuedal fight. He made the decision too quicly, almost with vengeance and cunning of Hamlet.
Mr. Shahbaz Sharif almost in shadow of Nawaz Sharif,  wants the power back I guess to run government. If the 17th amendment problem was tackled earlier, this built up would not have happened. There was also a understated pleasure on the face  of Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, who perhaps remebered the mayhem of 18 th May in Karachi, and the dance of horses with dholak in Islamabad, with Punjabi Bhangra, while 58 people were dead in Karachi. A strange joyous celebration in Islamabad, by general Musharraf and his supporters in Pakistan Muslim League (Q).
So the comedy of errors continues in Pakistan, oblivious to the fact that the ordinary citizen is least bothered about 'the Tragedies and Comedies' of Shakespearean proportions  ,it is only concerned with the day to day realities of Oliver Twist's Charles Dickenian  measurements!

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