Monday, December 28, 2009

Karachi Burns Again...On Ashura!

The news rolls in ,through text messages,television images, chaos, mayhem and death. The tragedy of Karbala is there to bleed our hearts eternally and then this mortal injury!
Who are these people? Who are the suicide bombers?
Who are the people who burnt immediately 600 vehicles, 300 shops, banks, buildings, other peoples homes at once. Surely it cannot be the azadaran, as the procession went on towards the Shahe Khorasan. The ones injured ,dead left with their God and the nearby people to be taken care of. Who were these people who immediately started firing to create more chaos?
According to a channel news, the police disappeared for a while. There were no arrangements of police of outstanding proportion. This was eveidenced by almost all reporters. There was no real plan by the administration , no coordinated, resdcue plan. Only edhi and Chippa ambulances were visible. As people were rushed to nearby Civil and distant Jinnah hospital, it was seen that the fire continued burning for quite some time.It seems that the administration is taking these kind of threats ona level that was there previously. No new enhanced disaster aversion and management plan are there. The fire department response is slow. The big buildings are not installing any water sprinkling system to extinguish any fire as in all modern buildings abroad. Everyone is relying on some fire tenders to come. The Chief minister of Sindh came on television and said that we had the best arrangements possible. He seemed out of touch with reality. He started saying on Aaj Tv that this seems a conspiracy to destabilise government. He seemed totally out of sync. The interior minister of Sindh has vehemently denied the presence of Taleban in Karachi. This he makes specially vocal  t whenever Mr Altaf Hussain demands that major cities like Karachi and Hyderabad be flushed off Taleban and their supporters.He thinks this is an ethnic issue. Who gains by chaos and destruction in Karachi. Who gains by destroying the peace of the largest city of Pakistan? Not the MQM, neither the PPP or the ANP. Then who does? Obviously it is the terrorists and militants that Pakistan Army is fighting.
Meanwhile the Shia Ulema have shown much patience and are urging the Shia people not to react. They understand the seriousness of this assault on the ethnic tolerance practiced in Karachi. This tolerance if disturbed can take a very, very ugly situation all  over Pakistan.
The Karachi police and provincial administration should have taken extraordinary measures. People are sure that these measures were inadequate and that is why this disaster was  not averted.
It is high time that all religio-political parties including the Jamaate Islami, who pretend to be so peaceful make a serious effort to bring peace and harmony to this city. Merely appearance of lip service and religious pretensions will not help. The PPP should also not play a double role in Karachi and Hyderabad as these cities also belong to all of Sindh and political jealousies will not get us anywhere. The larger motive of taking Pakistan ahead as envisioned by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, will not be achieved by small ethnic division measures.

Our hearts bleed and we condole with those who took Shahadat. May Allah give peace to all the affected and their families. May Allah bring peace back to Pakistan and all it's beautiful people.

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  1. Meher,I admire the variety and depth of articles on your blog.

    I think you are well conected too,so I am wiriting this letter to,
    Mr.President Zardari,may I suggest to initiate: “building a world class football stadium movemet in lyari”.
    I know people of this locality have world class potential.

    I strongly believe that when we,the citizens,will start building something we will have no time to fight and destroy.

    Pakistan Zindabad.