Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Punjab Scared? Talks Of Negotiation Start!

As the gory and heart wrenching details of moon market attack victims are seen by public, a clear move has started amongst politicians to start some sort of negotiation with the ? militants. A programme aired on PTV by Khushnood Ali Khan showed a former law minister asking the concerned authorities to start some sort of informal talks with the other party. He said those who are moderate people. Dr Farzana Raja, a minister of the Pakistan Peoples Party was of the opinion that no dialogue or negotiations can be started with those who are anti- Pakistan, killing innocents and are giving a very bad name to Islam. The anchor asked the former law minister as to who should be called on the talking table. He replied that the moderate people.
The questions that arise are many. Who are the people who bombed the Peshawar market where innocent people were killed. Are they the same group who has bombed the Moon market, Lahore? The coordinated, trained suicide attackers in previous military area mosque in Rawalpindi was accepted by the Tehrike Taleban , Pakistan. Are TTP responsible for the two market attacks where several innocent, including women and children killed? If these are the same people, groups then where is the 'moderate' element in this criminal, non-pardonable , anti Pakistan group? Even if the terrorists of Waziristan, Bajaur and Malakand are waging a war against the army, they should die fighting in battlefield and not attack mosques, funerals and people in non-battle ground. This is forbidden by the prophet of Islam(peace be upon him).Islam came for all the peoples of the world . Nowhere is it written that it is only for Muslims. Nowhere Allah says in his book that He is the God, the Nurturer of Muslims only. Everywhere it is written that He is the Rabb(Nurturer) of all world, Illah(The God) of all mankind. Nowhere is His benovelance confined to Muslims. Everywhere He extends it to all humanity. Whosoever is doing this criminal murders and 'Fasad ' is not doing any service whatsoever to Islam. If the Islamic extremists are doing this then they have gone mad.Why did they kill mothers , sisters and children. These were all non- combatants. In modern day there is a clear cut differentiation between civilians and those in combatant, military uniform. Even retired military personnel come in non-combatant status according to Islam.The use of bombs, any explosives in non-war areas such as cities, fields where crops, and waterways are is strictly forbidden in Islam.The destruction in Buner and Swat and use of the Green Chowk to hang dead people so as to scare the civilians in the area to instill a reign of terror is strictly forbidden in Islam. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) made it sure that his behaviour to women including those in his house was kind and caring. Nowhere did he instill any fear and used haterd for the females. His kindness to his daughters and his wives and Bibi Ayesha(God is Happy with her) was an example of his way (Sunnat) for people and especially Muslims to follow.
 How can we negotiate with terrorists who are killing Pakistani women and children? If we do then what are we going to give them in return? What spaces, the same that our valiant army jawans and officers have given their lives to restore to Pakistan?
These are some of the difficult questions we need to confront and answer.
A professor who comes on tv representing the Jamaat e Islami always answers in double meaning way when asked about these attacks and deaths of innocent civilians.He was again justifying these attacks on Dawn News tv Newsnight programme with Saima Mohsin, that if  the US withdraws these attacks will stop. This shows the cheekiness and the raw shamelessness of these people who are almost accepting that the Taleban are doing these attacks and that the Afghan Taleban are in league with TTP as US is present in Afghanistan and not in Pakistan. If Jamaat e Islami knows this and all it's leaders accept this and vocalise this demand then why is the government and all the major political parties including Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) not confronting them? In Sindh the PPP plays a friendly siding up with the Jamaat to oppose and exasperate the MQM with whom it is in coalition in government. I simply am amazed at the bravado and shamelessness of all these parties and rulers.
Mr. Ayaz Amir , an MNA for PML(N) , a reasonable man and respected journalist has also vocalised this negotiation demand today and linked it with leaving the US camp. It seems that the terrorists are achieving their objective in spreading fear and  mayhem . What will be the new paradigm of terror in Pakistan? If we bow down to one form , then what will be the next head of the terror Hydra?
Where does the 'foreign ' element stand on in this. If we negotiate then are we giving into these 'foreign ' forces?
If one 'foreign ' player is India as even the interior minister is  saying now,  then are we giving into India? And what are we giving to India? This is getting out of bounds, incomprehensible, most confusing!
What does the Pakistan army say on this? I heard the army spoksman maj., general Athar Abbas a few days back where he reiterated a strong will to defeat the Taleban , reclaim territory for Pakistan and not allow the terrorists to regroup and rearm. How can this stance be reversed so soon, without completeing the job.
The questions keep on increasing. The hurt and pain increases for the innocent civilians and for the ordinary Pakistani.
 What is this 'Islamic" problem with Pakistan? I keep on asking myself, even after 60 years of existence Pakistan is not at peace with it's idenity, that of an independant Islamic state. Was it meant to be so? I keep on asking myself?
Looking at the 'Pathan" 'Taleban' nexus  I am completely confused..
Looking at Jamaat e Islami , I am reminded of the opposition to the creation of Pakistan by Maulana Maudoodi.I a m thinking as to his concept of the Islamic Caliphate and Ummah ,wasn't it really in effect anti- Pakistan state?
Then why does the establishment use this party for it's own designs? What does the establishment want?Who is the establishment?
Questions,dilemmas, puzzles, meanwhile Pakistan burns and news item of Lahore bombing is flashed on 'Chatpatta' news website of India. What is Man Mohan Singh and his ministers upto, defaecating their constipated bowels in the shining toilets of India?

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