Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oo, La, La, Expression... Thank God, Thank Google!

Google art, great art!
Here is  a language, English , and here is a forum, well, a place, a world, a universe almost,  where I can express. So can you and so can all of us who have a computer, an internet connection, well a broadband now. I think having an internet connection, a gateway to the world should now be declared a basic human right. Especially for the women and children of the Third World. Just like food and water and vaccines. World will be  a much better place if men and especially violent, and not so violent, macho, especially Muslim men read what the women felt and expressed. If they would read more poetry,  Shakespeare, well any literature, Pablo Neruda, Arundhati Roy!Listen to more music.Or see more Google videos.
So here I am talking, well, expressing in the English language, thanks to Google. Always wanted to be a journalist, writer, truth finder, vocalising the needs and desires of the poor, oppressed and those that cannot express themselves for various reasons, well like, illiteracy, mute handicap etc., etc.
Thanks to Google, I have my own little publishing house, Meher's Publishing House in 2009! on the World Wide Web!  Here right now anyone can read what I write or express in any language. Well, so many languages, like I enjoy reading an Italian surgeon's blog , through Google Translator. Here, me in Karachi and his world in Italy. So enjoyable, with a great sense of humor, so essential in this wide, serious, uneven world.
Here I am listening to music, watching a good dance, blogging, Googling basically, happy early  at Dawn. Upload a video and express, reach out and communicate. So are fellow bloggers from Pakistan, women bloggers at that.
so thank God and thank Google, well my agnostic friends will only thank the latter. So I do believe in freedom of belief, freedom of expression, definitely!
Lucky me I am Pakistani. I can freely express myself. If I were well in China, how much could I? could I write as a free Uighiur? well not with this new 'War Against Terror bit, any expresiion different would become a terrorist behaviour.
here too we are labelled, well women like me, with a bob, speaking English, uncovered head, as foreign agents! But still in this beloved, passionately, beloved Pakistan, we are free to express, our joys, sorrows, anger, at least on Google! Out to the world.
I am a doctor by profession, a carer and activist by heart and  a writer, a poet by expression. thanks to Google I ahve at least five blogs, and I manage and type and upload two of my intellectual hubby's blogs. He writes for his nation. he writes for Pakistan and thanks to Google  that I ahve managed to put his valuable ideas for Pakistan to see. he is a technical person, a reformist, so Ireally thank Google that I have his input expressed on my little publishing house!
Viva la freedom of expression, viva la English and Urdu (and all the languages people can use), viva la Google!

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