Monday, December 28, 2009

Quaid- i- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah....Remembered 2009.

Quaid- i- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah…Remembered 2009.

I have been reading the Dawn newspaper  since childhood and formed a clear, balanced image of the founder of Pakistan . Thanks to eminent Jinnah scholars like professor Shariful Mujahid and others. This year as I read his article, entitled’ return to Jinnah’s Pakistan’ I saw with dismay and pessimism , a picture so grey and small. Gone were the beautiful bright colours of the people of Sindh, Baluchistan , Frontier and Punjab. Gone were the dreams and promises. The style in which he has addressed the readers shows how hopeless and petty have our issues become. How we as a people and a nation failed completely to govern, guide and prosper. How our ship of nationhood has entered the tossing, destroying, stormy waters of disintegration and destruction. And all thanks to the demons and despots , who only for their petty gains, their bird-brained thoughts, imposed on such a vibrant, tolerant, dynamic people over the last 60 years. No wonder India is still trying to shake our foundations. No wonder we are labeled as a failed state. Through consistent destruction of institutions and syncophant promotion our whole paradigm of healthy progress is destroyed.
Jinnah stood for Faith, Unity and Discipline. We  stand for hatred, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry. He stood for ‘let all people worship freely in churches, masjids and temples.We stand for let not even religious sects, pray peacefully in their mosques. He stood for honesty and hard work, of which he himself was a shining, blazing picture. We stand for sheer parasitic, nepotism, communal promotion, physical and moral corruption.he stood for democracy and say of the masses. We stand for maneuvering, cheating, colluding . He stood for integrity of character.We stand for deluge, trickery, bribery and sheer baseness!
Ah, this very wintery 25th December as I read the articles on the Birth anniversary supplement  of Dawn as I have been doing for the last 45 years, I cry, my heart is in intense pain. I grieve for the lost ideal, I grieve for the lost Truth.
Do not you think it is time for us all to discard the mantle of untruth and bigotry. Do not you think it is time to reread and repledge our vows for a revived Jinnah’s Pakistan, honestly? Otherwise we may lose this beautiful country, the soul of our existence, forever! We may never be able to justify the reason for creation of Pakistan again!

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