Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Political Circus! Julius Caesar!

Peshawar Press Club Mourning Salute to Those killed!

" The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves, that we are underlings".
                            Julius Caesar
"Beware the Ides of March"
                            Julius Caesar

The post  NRO debate continues in the Pakistani political scene, almost in Shakesperean proprtions, on television, newspapers and thank God not on streets as yet. As one twitterite tweeted that there was  no violence post judgement although all of Sindh was waiting. Mr Mujeeb Pirzada , an eminent lawyer from Sindh, aired his views on KTN news , a channel in Sindhi language. This session with Mr. Manzoor on KTN News was very eyeopening and insightful. As you will see in my previous post on this topic, I was perplexed by the intentions of Dr Mubashar Hassan, and Mr Hafeez Pirzada, although he was representative lawyer. Mr Mujeeb Pirzada made clear his stance on this judgement especially against Asif Zardari. He was of the view that those responsible for Murtaza Bhutto's murder case went out of  country to escape the wrath of law.He also said that he always sided with the nationalists in Sindh as they were true to the welfare of Sindh. He said that Pakistan Peoples Party politicians did corruption and why was the people of Sindh left to bear the brunt of punishment! Was there an element of truth in this?
Meanwhile Ms. Fouzia Wahab says that we are preparing a list of corrupt businessmen etc and the nation will see of whose bank loans in millions were cleaned.She is defending the president as Mr.Shafi who says this targetted blame game stinks!
Meanwhile Kamran Khan of Geo tv lists the many scandals and scams unfolded by them for the nation to see which they say we will continue to do so in public interest.
The real dilemma is the behaviour of PML -N 2nd teir. they are accusing the NRO beneficiaries of avoiding trial while Mr. Nawaz Sharif is quiet.The 17th amendment is in place and the circus of musical chairs continues.
Who is the real hero but the policeman at the gate of the Peshawar press club, who valiantly gave his life in stopping the suicide bomber at the gate.
The country fights the terrorists, the ordinary folks and security personnel give their lives but this leadership bickering goes on. And who is trying to take the attention of the government away from the fight against the militants? Not the courts?Or is it the guys who did not even fight the elections and have no mandate.
Pakistan has come of age, good.Now there will be healthy discussion, there will be hurdles to gulping down millions of tax payer's money. There will be stopping of scandals. Meanwhile the terrorists will target journalists, thinking that truth can be silenced. Little do they know that the media and press in Pakistan has also faced dictators and come of age.

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