Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Rawalpindi Mosque Attack,Other Thoughts.

It is a ghastly tragedy that struck the worshippers in Rawalpindi today. We had not recovered from the sad suicide bomb attack on Naval College gates yesterday in which two died and eleven injured, that this massive crazy attack took the precious lives of 17 children, 30 officers and ten civilians. Many were injured. As described by witnesses it was a well planned attack in which the terrorists achieved their targets. I was reminded of the tactics in Mumbai attack. This also used grenades, cold blooded revolver or gun killing , and even suicide bombing although this is not confirmed. What I fail to understand is why  were the Islamic university bombers allowed to come inside the canteen building and a principals' office building. There was a lapse of security there also.Why does not the security includes sharpshooters. These bombers should be killed before they enter or reach the destination. In yesterdays' Naval College bombing , a highest officer was inside. Also where are the surviellance cameras and hurdles?
According to a witness who is trained,  the terrorists enterd the mosque by scaling the peripheral wall and then killed all present inside with guns, hurling hand grenades and even one suicide bomber.Some of them ran outside spraying everyone with bullets and throwing grenades. A  major general and brigadiere each and many other officers were killed. Many parents lost their sons. A grandmother sitting outside wept for her young grandchild.
Some 17 children were killed. The Tehrik e Taleban Pakistan is accepting the responsibility for the attack. The Jamaat e Islami Pakistan is siding up with TTP and asking US to leave . The US is in Afghanistan , not Pakistan. Not one person of the Jamaat has condemned these heinous attacks where not only army but innocent civilians are killed. Whenever a tv anchor asks for their opinion , they start discussing the US presence in Afghanistan and demand withdrawal of foreign troops. It seems they are in league with Afghan terrorists. The Pakistan Peoples Party representatives in Karachi and Sindh behave extra lovingly towards Jamaate Islami people and side up with them against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Here their value of fighting the terrorists is put behind.They are in coalition with MQM but behave in a hostile manner towards them. This politics of duplicity will continue , meanwhile innocent children and civilians will pay the price with their lives in blood.Pakistan has become  a state of foul, double standards. Here people compromise shamelesly to stay in power. Here all sorts of heinous crimes and injustices are allowed to occur and violence is increasing. No need for justice, no need for rule of law. Use any party for any popose as long as you get benefit.

Meanwhile the Zardari ajrak and Sindhi topi controvery continues. The MQM and ANP now becomes  accepting of his attire and endorse his dressing. He is now playing the Sindh card sort of post NRO and let's see if the establishment and the Punjabi factor lets him be. Meanwhile the army is doing a good job in South Waziristan, taking out the strongholds and getting territory back.The Swat bridges that were blown up by the militants are also bieng rebuilt. Let us hope this time the army and other rulers of the state do not let the terrorists return and take hold of our villages and towns, working with the religious parties insidously.

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