Friday, May 22, 2009

We Love You Pakistan!Really love you!

See the beautiful faces in front page of http;// and hear the song Diyar Diyar as on my twitter post link and you will understand why I love my country so much!This is my free country where I have my freedom. Yes I am Pakistani! I love this beautiful Swat valley country! I love this beautiful Kalam valley country! I love the beautiful, magical Saiful Maluk! Where I spent a beautiful time on my honey moon with my Harvard palat (returned,) brilliant,intellectual husband!The eerie mountains surrounding where I was walking unaware that there were the horsemen families living who would suddenly appear like ghosts,dressed in black, asking for aspirins. I bieng a doctor felt so helpless! when midway between the lake my hubby developed giddines and lack of oxygen which I could not recognise and thought he was just nauseated and where a horseman first made me cross the river and I sat alone with a young Pakistani man from Gujranwala,who kept on asking me if I was a foreighnor, as I was young beautiful Karachiite and maybe looked different!He kept on talking to me till the horseman brought my hubby over also . When we reached the base camp our friends who had brought us to Kalam were worried and it looked like evening . We then decided never to come alone or ever to spend the night. My hubby and I had walked up the hill and enjoyed the ice cold water steams that crossed the road. now we came down in a jeep as he was exhausted. I never went back but there is no words to describe the beauty of Lake Saiful Maluk 3000 feet above sea, with the majestic Himalayan peak of Malika Parbat in background. Will post some of those pics also.
So I love Pakistan because I can never forget the beautiful mountaineous drive to Shangla, where on top of a hill we came across a view so spectacular that even European landscape would stand no chance in comparison!We were amazed to see a European cyclist in a sweat shirt cycling down utterly safe and free!Soaked in sweat and completely obliviuos of those around , he seemed free!
Such was the safe, free Pakistan in 1990!

I love pakistan, as I walked safely uphill so many times on Margalla ,newly wed in tight jeans, hair open, gold hoopla earings in my ears,freely every day, holidays, Eid, Shab Barat,(holidays)Ilove my country as I frequently drove alone on the streets of Islamabad, to shop, to pick up my husband after work and we would go up Margalla ,park our car at the Kashmir Point and walk up hill. I love my country as I would walk down Iqbal Shahrah and up the walikng track !
I love my country as it was then free from so much religiuos fanaticism,prejudice and violence against women and children. The pathans were there then also, what happened? Why have our people ,the same people become so bad, so violent, so self righteous?
I cannot imagine doing the same now.The beautiful ,breathtakingly beautiful NWFP has become a no go area for Pakistanis. Who has destroyed our peace and tolerance in the last 19 years? It seems the religiuos right is the culprit, in league with foreighnors. They are the ones who have brought extremism and especially violence against women in our beautiful country. By the way I know arabic language, have read variuos tafaseers(Quarnic explaination texts) including that of Maulana Maudoodi, and hold a vast collection of the tafaseer, islamic literature,law and other books.
I appeal to all Pakistanis to love Pakistan as it was free when I walked freely in my beloved NWFP, amongst our beloved people!

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  1. We will NOT be held hostage to the hairy barbarian extreme right wing lunatic fringe..

    Barbarians wheter the huns and angles an sexons or the celts or the picts have ever hated civilisation . despised it.. envied it..

    and these modern day huns are no better..

    slowly but surely the nation is coming to its senses.... Its long love affair with the right is evaporating and the resilience of our people is menifesting itself..

    Its only a better of time...