Monday, May 25, 2009

Rights of the child and racism in Pakistan.

The displaced Sikh children are worried about losing their academic year as they were in schools and colleges in Buner, Swat and other areas. The same views are expressed by the other displaced people in Pakistan.When the military operation started against the militants in Malakand, a lot of students were taking their exams .They just left their homes. Why was this not taken into consideration?The students should have been accomodated immeiately in local schools and colleges ,albeit temporarily. The government should even now give standing instructions to schools and colleges to accomodate these students. The difficulty will be in areas where schools themselves are bieng used as shelter. These schools should be vacated after arranging camps for these IDPs . The students should be properly screened by the school and college administration so as not to include militant mindset persons. Their assimilation should be done on a war footing as frustration breeds violence in youth.
The issue of racism should be immediately addressed. The Frontier people are very peaceful. The Sikhs were living there since centuries. They are as much part of Frontier as any one else. What is this muslim mindset? The local people are not to be blamed. It is the militants that caused all this hatred and Jizya demand. We should get our act together and purge this menace in the society. I mean the Frontier people.

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  1. i wish and so wish that our PRO ZARDARI GOVT cud do anything except for begging for DOllars

    May Allah be our only savior