Friday, May 1, 2009

The Nizam E Adl Dilemma-2.

As the armed forces rightly try to take out armed ,terrorist militants declaring themselves as Tehrik e Taliban, Pakistan, many including media people are trying to make a din as to how innocent these people are. Their innocence and simplicity has been explicitely exposed in their snake like behaviour. As soon as the Sufi-ANP government deal or drama about Nizam E Adl implementation started, the taleban moved into Buner, started recruiting young men and boys, from there,consolidating their fighting posts. They displaced many people and occupied their houses,including those of Tribal lashkar head whom they had killed earlier . The army after much delay and on insistence by God knows who started the operation.Now the Sufi,bieng so clever or has clever Taleban advisors,disappeared for two days. Now he appears and asks army to stop operation and forget about the implementation of Sharia, and try to implement peace.
The army is rightly trying to take out the militants,they should not stop. They should finish this menace.The people who have been displaced are victims of war that the terrorist have imposed on Pakistan.The pro-taleban people should realise that these are occupying forces,well equipped,bieng armed by well organised forces.They are no rag tag army,they are well trained, moving to occupy territory.We should side up ideologically with Pakistan only.The rightist forces should openly dissociate from Taleban and other terror groups.There is no issue of Islam here.
The army should be suported here for doing a good job.We should not ask them to stop.


  1. rightly said we shuld support our army

  2. Asalam Alaikum,hope you are fine.