Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nizam E Adl Dilemma-3.

As the Pak army secures road and areas near Daggar,Buner, Maulana Sufi appears. The ANP government quickly identifies Kazis and installs the Nizam E Adl regulation. We bewildred citizens see Muslim Khan,spokesperson for Tehrike Taliban say confusing things or maybe real truths like we will fight for Nifaz E Shariat till d0omsday,Pathan,muslim never lays down arms, and see frightening pictures of men with sophisticated weaopons and double cabin cars, roam and parade freely across Swat. What is really happening? The ANPP government is warning everyone not to jeopardise ther efforts. A day back after appearing from disappearing act Mulla Sufi had declared that this peace deal was only to be done if the army stopped its operation. Let us see what happens. Meanwhile ,the army is trying to get control of most areas in Buner.
The other bewildering disclosure by Muslim Khan is what is to happen to the release of thier prisoners? This was part of deal. So still we are in a state of denial about the nature of Taleban. Is Islam our problem?

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