Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Thoughts.

My last post on this blog was about Al Mashriqi.It was based on a perception after reading a book and reflecting on the current political situation in Pakistan.I am desperately trying to arrive at a clear picture both of the socio-political and religio-cultural makeup of our country.It seems that we are instead of knitting a fabric,or a woolen garment for our society have managed to really tangle the fibre, and are either making holes(polarisation) or breaking the thread completely!
My view on Al Mashriqi may become more clear after I finish the book (retrieved from my husband's library) Al Mashriqi- The Disowned Genius by Syed Shabbir Hussain, published by Jang Publishers.This is a well written book and will set my inflammed and tortured mind at peace, I hope!
My friend the radio talk jounalist Mark Parton ( Radio Canberra)asked me as to why I almost said that Was Islam Our Problem? in one of my posts. The reason I posed this question was that for division of I ndia and formation of Pakistan ,otherwise the two nation theory muslim majority states were the reason for this theory.Now 60 years hence and having the majority muslim state, we are now bogged down and literally bieng torn apart(religious and ethnic polarisation) by the Wahhabism and Taleban,kind of onslaught. Where will this stop? It has to stop somewhere!The context was this and not the religion of Islam itself! I think the western mind also now really needs to start training itself to see Islam and the muslims in seperate political, cultural and ideological frames. The muslim people are so diverse in their cultural aspects,eg., Indonesia, and their context to political existence so varied, muslims in India, muslims in Phillipines, Muslims in USA, Britain.I think the Ummah concept in the context of a single political entity is to be blamed for the misunderstanding and now the recent Khilafat or Caliphate concept of Al Qaeda thinking!
As the Pakistan army starts its much awaited and needed operation in Swat, the plight of the IDPs in Rawalpindi,Islamabad needs to be urgently addressed. The West should actively help Pakistan in taking care of thier needs. This is not a matter of routine humanitarian help.This will be a help for fighting the ideology of Al Qaeda and talebanisation,as the IDPs have to be satisfied when they return.

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  1. cant say much, as i m really out of all this but yeah i do pray constantly for the betterment of Muslim Ummah and Pakistan as well may Allah bless Pakistan