Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pakistan's Nuclear Dilemma...Power Or Poof!

As the country of 160 million poor(40%below poverty level),illiterate (35% doubtful stastics) religiously zealous(with violent jihad as an achievable ideal)people celebrate its anniversary of nuclear explosion, I am sitting with my head in my hands both because of a headache but mainly in shame. Whereas most of our naive, almost to the point of bieng retarted people take pride in Pakistani or Islamic bomb, I condemn the capability, the desire even to possess this abominable weapon. How beautiful it would have been if we had been a non -nuclear country.
A dream in which all people took pride in bieng peace loving, peaceful people.Had the foreign policy been that of peaceful coexistence ,we would not have to have such a big army and certainly no nuclear existence would be required.
The nucear programme started and persued by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to it's logical conclusion in 1998 as explosions distorted the images of Chagai mountains. The crazy Pakistani nation jubilant in the poisoned drink of nuclear destructive power, ready to install damage on infidel India celebrated. To me and I am sure all the other sane peace loving anti -nuclear people this was a day of doom. The concept of a non-violent Pakistan went down the drain. The spectre of an annihilating Hiroshima and Nagasaki kind of landscape, complete with generations of cancer, tumour infested children and people loomed larged in our peaceful minds.
The Pakistani people generally backed by the ISI, army induced propaganda cheered and cheered and wanted that we should attack India immediately. Some smart people even went on to say let India say one word and we will throw bomb on them as if it was a pale of dirty water. So many years down the line and now the Taleban at our doorstep, very few people have seen sanity. But there is still hope that sanity will prevail. India's hegemonic expansionistic aims would have been contained by China alone but the Pakistanis are crazy and passionate.
This question remains unanswered as to why the nuclear weapon and weapon of mass destruction is claimed to be Islamic! As Akhtar Ali writes in his book Nuclear Stalemate and Conflaguration,weapons of mass destruction are not allowed in Islamic warfare. No women ,children, non-combatants,old,infirm,patients are allowed to be killed or harmed in war. So much so standing crop,fruit orchards are also not to be destroyed by design. There is no permission to use mercenary, clandestine, guerilla tactics either. All those people who advocate or justify use of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction are rebelling against the injunctions of Islam and are Murtid of the orders of God and Prophet.
The destruction sought by nuclear weapons is for there to all to see in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The horrible stories of destruction and cancer for generations,the consequences faced by the Japanese women and children are there for all to learn lessons from and for people to condemn nuclear weapons.
It is sad that Pakistanis are celebrating this condemnable day. It is sad that the Pakistani society is so intolerant of ideas that advocate peace , non-nuclear status and deweaponisation. We think the USA did a very bad thing by using the nuclear bomb against the Japanese, then why are we celebrating. Why are we jubilant over having the power to use weapons which God has not allowed by order in the Quran.
The religious parties and their followers also advocate and celebrate the nuclear status of Pakistan. This is condemnable!
I will be giving some ideas on what to do in event of a nuclear disaster in future posts,though this is assumptive.The infrastructure to deal in such an event is not present but some things can help.
I can only pray to God that sanity prevails in Subcontinent and both India and Pakistan refrain from using and priding themselves in the use of despisable, abominable nuclear weapons.

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