Monday, May 4, 2009

Allama Al-Mashriqi-An eye-opening study!

As I sifted through the pages of Maulana Allama Inayatullah Al- Mashriqi, a political biography, My eyes literally popped out and brains were Shown a devastatingly bright light - Charon Tabaq Roshan as they say in urdu. This thesis-book by Prof. Aslam Malik is published by Oxford University Press ,Pakistan. It seems though naughtily said that the Allama was Fasad Ki Jar.I do not mean deridingly but he seems to be the fountain head of the modern Jehadi+ Militant liberation of Kashmir, modern Taleban movement , as becomes evident as you read this thesis -book.
Al-Mashriqi appears in my life as my husband's friend Tanvir Azhar's maternal grand father. So a romantic angle in reading this biography was there, but lo and behold , as I read and the very brilliant, passionate, upright ,leader and thinker's life unfolded I was firm in my belief that he is the father of the modern, Islamist,anti-India, militant jehad in Kashmir, ironically Jamaat e Islami, Munawwarul Hassan kind of mindset.

Al-Mashriqi romanticised a Muslim Ummah concept,though this really began and ended in British India.He wanted all Muslims to unite under his ideal in Khaksar tehrik.He even befriended and attracted Wazir tribes to unite in Islamic state, with an Afghan King, though I fail to really understand this concept(maybe I need to read more about him). He wanted a peaceful Pakistani march to India.He set up Jehad camps on way to this in Wagah.
Maulana Maudoodi did not agree with him both in his interpretation and his political representation of Islam, but ironically the modern Jamaat E Islami is not only literally following his ideals but literally using his teachings and words like 'Lal Qila Pe Jhanda Garhen Ge!'(We wiil put our flag on Red Fort'). Ironically the jehad for liberation of Kashmir,its modern militancy, all seems to be the bright star of Al- Mashraqi's regimental(?Hitlerian,fascist kind of picture for his Khaksar Tehrik). it is amazing to read from history how one man's mentality and edicts and passionate beliefs have influenced so many in Pakistan from poltical parties to governments to militants to religious zealots. It is equally amazing as so little people know that it is all his thinking and desires that we are following.
A brilliant mathematician, his genius was diverted towards leading the muslims of India towards a supremacy status. Ironically what he wanted to achieve in educating the Indian Muslims,apparently has now become an ideology of sorts, unknowingly.
If we really dig deeper into the mind of the allama,will we find answers as to what really is plagueing Pakistan. What kind of mentality we need to leave behind and what kind of peacful co-existeance we need to achieve with India. Even Indians should understand that Pakistan is now a reality and in order to go towards regional peace and ensure a progressive march in future,how we need to clean the cobwebs of unfounded ,unwanted emotions and passions.Both nuclear armed states should take lessons from history, freedom from British Raj, but where freedom from sectarian,racist monsters?
Nehru released the banned Samag Savak and Maha Bhasha parties to counter Al-Mashriqi, but when will this stop? Nehru was Congress, does it reflect secularism and clean politics?
this kind of mindset is continuing on both sides. This has to stop now. There is regional peace not Akhand anything!

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