Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Debbie Purdy...An Immensely Dignified Woman.

Mr Obama ,the US president has given stem cell research some freedom. If they find a cure or therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, then brave and immensely beautiful women like Debbie Purdy may not have to resort to assisted suicide. She is a great woman who loves her life , husband and friends. She wants to live on and on and on!The UK government has to give sanctions to assisted death for which she is fighting. Yes, everyone has a right to life and dignified death. In the Stephen Sacur Interview in Hard talk what she said about Mr. Gordon Brown not knowing the real meaning of democracy, was enlightening. She said that if the governments can trust people to make decisions about complicated things like Iraq war and when to push the nuclear button then how can the same people make bad and selfish decisions about putting their loved ones to death for such things as property ?She is so right!Human biengs are usually dignified and caring. They cherish good relationships . Even when in a relationship which is not so happy, if someone suffers , humans tend to become nice and caring.
Women like Debbie are amazing people. They give you that little push to live, enjoy life and do some caring, just when you seemed to lose all interest in living and love for fellow biengs!
Find a cause to take up, like care for children with cancer, tuberculosis,MS,and other serious disease. Find a patient near you and help in any which way you can. Some of the things you can do; give quality time to the patient, read a story, paint a picture, sing a song or play an instrument. find time to accompany the patient to the doctor. Youcan help the family if you know more about the problem.
Always take out time to volunteer.

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