Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Search Of Truth!

As I see the beautiful faces of children of displaced people,a question arises in my mind.What is the real story behind this tragedy? I hate the attitudes of almost all our pseudo intellectuals, false religious thekedars, who spin and propagate conspiracy theories. They are who do not want the truth to be found out by the simple,good, honest Pakistanis.
Most of our people are simple,honest, good! They are neither extremist, nor militant,nor bigoted. the frontier people are also the same. When pakistan was created they all chose to be with Pakistan. they have been living and were not questioning any status qou. Now the dishonest people with vested interest have managed to destroy the peace of this region. It has been written much on the militancy by writers,.The truth is available in books. It is only a matter of questioning the politicians and the establishment and providing correct answers to the people.
look what happened in India in the elections. the millions of Indian people have chosen to go forward. they have rejected religiuos bigotry. They have rejected the forces that will not let India progress. This is the same kind of result that the Pakistani people gave last year. they rejected the religious parties as they had done always but for the rigged elections in musharraf era in frontier.The mandate of PPP ,Muslim League Nawaz, and even PML Q was a reflection of the moderate tendency of the people.Not even an year is passed and the conspiracies against political governments have started. The PML Q also again and again said that it will let the govt., rule in peace.
What is the truth in Frontier? This is the question. It seems that the militants were allowed to live ,operate and quietly rule over areas. The Swat peace deal was also done to appease them as long as they did not make a loud noise. The Buner activity somehow caught the eye of civil society and the foreign media, who made the intense noise and finally the army action started.
Maulana FazluRehman is making disgruntling noises because he wants his oil tanker business to continue no matter who the govt., or ruling forces are. he doesnot want to annoy terrorists who may be controlling the truck routes.Mr Aftab Sherpao seems to have given up the ideological fight and accepted fait accompli after so many attacks on him.Mr Imran Khan seems to nurture some desires which we are not aware of, maybe nationalistic,maybe racial of which he has tendencies.
So what is the truth? From what I have read it appears ugly,not good at all! The army and the rightist post Afghan War crowd has quietly let the militants live. The previous dictator,let the militants work quietly and did not do anything to arrest their power fanning activities.So effectively they are all over the Frontier. How many fronts will we open?Is India wrong in asking us to root out our militancy? No it is not! The tragedy is we cannot root it out. We have even failed to contain it. Our Ostrich attitude even did not help to quieten this menace or the noise of hell!
The ordinary folks of Frontier and all of Pakistan , what can they do? The media with their vested interest representatives, prejudiced, ill informed, mostly unprofessional persons, gives highly dangerous ,partial views. The public does not get the true picture.
For instance, the fight between Bangash and Toori tribes or people was not really as much a religious, ethnic rivalry as much as it was a fight to dominate a road route so that they can get
dominance and money. The Bangash were siding up with Taleban. Why? Because in the event of their control their dominance over road is not vanquished.
Today's news in Dawn Newspaper about federal government asking tribal govt., to negotiate with Taleban in association with a mulla, the return of Sikhs to their abodes and business, reflects this hidden understanding and acceptance of power of Taleban.The jizya or tax will be taken by the Taleban and not by the govt.!So this is the truth.
Ordinary people like us who dare to bare are accused to be foreign agents and even anti Islam whereas it is we who are taking the torch forward. Our ancestors gave blood sacrifice to this country . We will not be a traitor to this country. We want this country to be Jinnah's Pakistan...secular,egalitarian,democratic! We refuse the prejudiced, bigotted,tyrannical,dictotarial views which are bringing Pakistan to the state of collapse and polarisation.
If the people of Pakistan are asked today what kind of Pakistan they want ,the answer will be the same given in last year's election.Will the terrorists and religious bigots leave us alone now and go to Hell!

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