Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Attacked The GHQ, Pakistan?

As usual,conspiracy theories blaming foreign elements abound.But the Pakistan army spokesman reported on television that the links have been found to South Waziristan.The surprise and cheeky attack by terrorists on the Military headquarters,which took the life of at least 6 security and army personnel two days back took every one by surprise. The hostages were around 30 in number, most were freed successfully.
Very soon in a raid by the security staff terrorist material, costumes, army lapels and badges were recovered in a small house nearby, as shown in detail by tv one Rana Mubashar program. These terrorists had written messages to the army against siding up with US. A negotiation tape was also run on tv in which the demands by terrorists were partly put on air.
As one guy who was leading this group is arrested, it becomes clear that all these groups are linked and are now desperate to spread violence and spread a sense of insecurity in Pakistan.It seems that they are trying to built a momentum, giving an impression that we are not defeated because of Malakand operation, and Baitullah Mehsud's death and we can strike at the heart of the army.
The fact is that the army will definitely starting an operation in Waziristan, to take on these terrorists strongholds and training areas. Sooner the better. Meanwhile the religious political party leaders who are Taleban sympathisers are trying their best to negotiate a settlement so that this operation is not started. It was under their 5 year government in Frontier under the Musharraf era that the terrorists were quietly and cancerously allowed to spread, gain foothold and strength. They are still demanding that US get out of Afghanistan. Why? Is US in Pakistan. Their motive and that of the jihadi, terrorist and militant groups ideal of conspiring to get hold of Pakistan is bieng exposed. Meanwhile many Pakistanis continue the denial state and blame foreign forces for trying to destabilize Pakistan.
The US is also in a dilemma as to what to do with Afghanistan. It seems their strategy is also not really working. The question bieng asked in many policy circles in US bieng asked is that is it worth making a military presence in such failed and primitive states such as Afghanistan, Somalia?What should be the nature of help to such states? Is it worth spending the taxpayers money to bring about a democratic form of government where there is no semblance of civil society and state cohesive institutions.
Meanwhile the Pakistan army and the government try hard to keep the state intact .The fight here is definitely between Pakistan and anti Pakistan forces like Al Qaeda. To deny and take the ostrich like attitude and put the whole blame on traditional foe is like fooling oneself. The enemy has penetrated deep within and it certainly has taken the garb of religious, jihadist ,even quasi political face . It must be finished completely.The fight is between those who love Pakistan and those who are the enemies. I believe that the majority of Americans are on Pakistan's side. It is some foolish people in both US and Pakistan who does not seem to see the enemy!
New suicide attacks in Shangla, killing 45 today also show the desperation of the terrorists to spread a sense of insecurity in Pakistan. As major general Athar Abbas says that Hakimullah Mehsud maybe alive, it is clear that as promise by Hakimullah Mehsud that the Taleban will attack and take revenge, the need to fight and finish these elements becomes a priority.
Pakistan is a tough state with honest, resilient people. It will come out stronger and it's enemies will be pushed out.

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