Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Islamabad, Islamic University Girls Hit.

Just as I finished posting about dealing with violence and terrorism issues in my health blog, the news of two bombs exploding ,killing two and injuring eleven others broke out. This time the girls were hit. The rector said on ptv that they had not recieved any threats directly but I remember the terrorists threatening all universities and colleges to remove coed campuses. The Taleban have an agenda especially to harm girls education so that they can get hold of girls easily. The problem in Buner was this also as shown by Talat Hussain on Aaj tv that a maulvi in league with these terrorist was annuling marraiges and remarrying the women with Taleban . The parents of unwed girls were also forced to give their daughters to these terrorists. They were sick and tired of this. It seems that now they are going to do this in cities as in Islamic university most probably the girls were not so vigilant and this suicide bomber came inside. One explosion appears suicide bombing, the other appears hand grenade.
The spread of violence is the fear instilling tactic bieng used by the so called "Islamic fighters" .
I am sure the Jamaat e Islami will not condemn this attack and will say that no one is bombing our institutions as if they are not blameworthy. When asked as to why they are silent in condemning school attacks especially over girls' school they say that the army is present there . Therefore the militants attack schools and usually I see them smiling qiuetly. I hve seen this several times. What army was there in this university? Why are girls bieng targetted. Why are the Taleban against girls? Was bibi Ayesha (Razi Allahu Taala anha) not a lady?
What was the attitude of our prophet (peace be upon him) towards women and children and the weak? Was he not kind and forgiving and sweet ! It seems that these terrorists are really the followers of Satan. They worship violence and kill and injure innocent in order to please him. They spread Fitna and Fasad in God's earth. They truely spread violence in the name of Iblees (Satan).
We all stongly condemn these acts of violence on the students , staff and workers of the Islamic International University. We support them and the parents of these unfortunate students . May Allah give paradise to all those who lost their precious lives. May Allah give strength and fortitude to the people who survived and their families. May Allah save us from this violent Shar of fasadis.Innah Li Allahi Wa Ina Ilaihi Rajeoon.

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