Sunday, October 18, 2009

The War Within Pakistan.

Pakistan hurts as multiple attacks , suicide bombings , other bombings and killing and mayhem continues. This whole past week we saw hurting images of injured people, women and children again and again. ordinary folks, some at work, some going to school, some security people, poor, guys killed or injured.The multiple attacks on the security offices in Lahore just showed the audacity, ruthlessness, misplaced loyalties of the terrorists. As I had previously written in one of my posts, these guys are just for rent ,to kill and spread Mayhem. A misguided fool Khalid Khwaja says on Royal Tv interview with Dr Nilofer Mehdi, why doesn't the Pak army woo the militants who according to him are energetic and Islamic and so nice, to it's side and they are bieng used by "America" and "India". What logic is this ? Maybe this shows that these militants were created by the likes of Mr Khalid Khwaja in the first place to be used as " KIRAY KE TATTOO" the mercenaries for sale in the first place. See the link? So who wants these guys? We dont, No, not Pakistanis. The security agencies and the Pak army should finish them off. The army operation in Waziristan appears one such move to rid Pakistan of such training camps and nurseries for terrorists. It seems that all those who pretend to be "normal" law abiding Pakistanis like Mr Khalid Khwaja are now really upset as their " Naan Nufqa" or foodline, seems to be in danger. What is this farce about missing persons human rights NGO bit. Is this another racket of coming into limelight?Or are they genuinely iaking up this matter?I think that the cause of missing persons is bieng jeopardised by people such as these.
As the army cleans the Swat areas and now Waziristan this din about the taking the terrorists into the army fold becomes louder. It is a desperate cry of the dogs before death. The cleanup is starting and the army has seen the light.
It is high time that Pakistan is rid of the cowebs and spiders of the "Afghan Jihad" and move on to a clear and bright future. Without violence, only in peace and prosperity. Long live Pakistani people, women and children!

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