Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Beauty Of Impressionism Lives On In Our Souls,Senses!

(Above are some master's works in Impressionism.Erums works I will put in a later post)
The intensely fine paintings in watercolour,oil on paper ,canvas and leather was a sheer joy and pleasure to watch after the intensely parched and injured senses of these last days in Karachi.
The artist Erum Javed, a fine lady artist who has lived in English and European cities, expresses her sensibility in fine painting. The dynamic and welcoming curator of the ......Gallery in the Arts Council ,made it possible for us to see this fine and I really think a great artist.She is so humble in her persona and yet her paintings reflect a technique an finesse that she has mastered. As I enjoyed from painting to painting, I came to see that she has expressed the serenity of a street in Coventry, a group of houses in Warwick,A lone boat in an English river, so dexterously, transforming and transferring the viewer right inside the painting, right into the landscape. Mesmerised you find yourself standing in that street under the lampshade , right outside the steps leading to the front door of the house. the gardens with their fine coloured display of foliage, flowers beckoning one to sit by them to enjoy the cool natural beauty.I think of Impressionism bordering on realism almost like Manet, Monet and other great Impressionists.

The beauty of Impressionism is clearly apparent in Monet, Manet but other great artists as shown here also show the vast technique pallette. Artists like Paul Cezanne, Auguste Renoir, Berthe Moriset,Ciallebotte and my favorite of all artists, Degas.
Pakistani artscene needs a breath of fresh air like Erum Javed when she is successful in touching that fine sensibility in us which is such a novelty in this fast materialistic approach to art that is prevalent now . Artist like her have given us hope that novelty,ingenuity,spontaneity yet mastery of fine technique and unique style are still the benchmark of good art. The lamp of almost realistic impressionism lives on in Pakistan.

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