Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aan, AAn,Aan reporting,Aaj Kamran Khan Kee Geo News Reporting, Confusing statements!

As the bad, bad, yes very bad news breaks on Geo Tv ,Pakistan, that few terrorists,fully armed broke in outside a checkpost of the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi at 11.30 am ,resisted successfully according to Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas,killing 4 terrorist and not confirmed death of 4 army personnel.
Kamran Khan while reporting previously said that the religious people playing aan, aan in the hands of our enemies India and then this was followed by further reporting of the incidence. This was 12.30 pm.At 2pm, Kamran Khan reports that an anonymous phone caller, identifying himself as of Amjad Faruqi group (of previously banned Lashkare Jhangvi ) now Tehrike Taleban Pakistan,has claimed responsibility for this attack in which aan ,aan,5 grenades were also supposedly thrown.My emphasis on his hesitational reporting is because they are not sure what really is happening. Gen Athar had decisevily told that all terrorists were killed as situation was under control.One and half hour later it is confirmed by him 2 guys are still inside the premesis of the second choki(guard post) and firing. They still cannot locate the real site of the presence.The reporters are going beserk trying to report but creating masssive confusion and scare in the process. Now a figure of 6 security personnel bieng dead. Meanwhile this Amjad Faruqi group is the same who attempted assasination of general Musharraf and they are again demanding the trial of Musharraf and also withdrawal of American ?Influence and Blackwater operatives in Pakistan.It is peculiar that this so called TTP is demanding "trial of Musharraf"? no mention of stopping or not going into Waziristan by the Pakistan Army. Is this normal? The demands are so unrealistically out of sync. And the vague term of removing American Influence. What is this demand? Just like Jamaat e Islami saying :Go America Go" when US is in Afghanistan and not Pakistan.Skewed perspective or ? Pakistan No, "Ummate Afghanistan ala mulla "O yes!So who are these terrorists?
Third demand finish NGOs working in Pakistan. Well after listening to these demands , I think these guys have the detailed knowledge of the counter insurgency manuals and take this very seriously, literally, to remove "American" presence in Pakistan.
So attacking Pak army is a good "Islamic" move? Who are these guys? Trigger happy? Or Is this part of a larger conspiracy against the Pak army. Who are they bieng funded by?Islamic Charities ? o aan, aan, India?Cloud haze.....I am lost. This is like the same as attack on FIA office last year and maybe Sri Lanka team in Lahore. Kamran Khan says it looks like an Al Qaeda attack. But tell me who is funding these , not the US, not us then who?Kamran Khan says that the Southern Punjab connection is quite apparent after this phone call.So the final statement is extremist, quasi religious (declared) groups are active and killing innocent civilians in Peshawar yesterday, and attempts to attack Pakistan security forces.
Yesterday's attack on innocent civilians shows the ruthlessness of these terrorists. It shows their quick, decisive, cold action, without shame or remorse. If these are so called Taleban then these attacks are shocking , killing even innocent babies as in Peshawar.If these are not Taleban then who are they and why does Taleban claim responsibility?So the war is actually between Pakistan and anti Pakistan forces. So do you still want to side up with the terrorist in the name of Islam?

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