Sunday, October 4, 2009

Relationships,Family Bonding and Roots.

A cousin of mine with whom we lost touch for the last many years got in touch through the wonderful facebook. He posted his family pics and we all connected, our hearts linked and our love swelled like an ocean upto our eyes.So we all are connecting, the children and grown up children, we are seeing the family, sharing their lives and bonding. This is a great experience,appearing out of the blue,enormous in it's impact, amazing in it's pleasureable impact.
My cousin said a very touching thing, "I thought I had lost touch with my roots".This is an amazingly powerful statement. It hits one like a tornadoe of immense power. Why do humans need to bond, find roots,love family?Yes ,this issue is discussed and addressed by the Church and other religions, and by poets, painters, writers over time.The feeling of love, bonding,and finding solace in human acknowledgement of your own existense is so important for humans. This is the whole panoramic philosophy of human existence.The Holy Book Of Muslims also exactly states in one Surah that we created for amongst your own a partner that you may find comfort in. I think this is in context of marraige or marital bonding preamble to procreation and human species propagation.The humans exist in love, for love and with love . Without love there is no story, no painting, no song , no joy.
As I look at the pictures of my family young people, getting married, some with their beautiful kids, bringing immense joy to my family a beutiful couplet by my mother a poet, comes to mind.
Muhabbat Ka Sara Jahan Chor Aye?
Tujhe Zindagi Ham Kahan Chor Aye?
Translation (attempt); Oh My Whole Life Is Lost,
But for Love!

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