Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tim Sebastian's Doha Debates,Forgiveness In a Christian Heart.

Today the eightth victim a girl student in the International Islamic University, Islamabad died. The tragedy of violence that took place in Islamabad, and which has shaken the whole country, except perhaps a few who claim to be the religious representatives yet side up with the terrorists, clearly brought home to all of us ordinary people, especially Muslim mothers how violence has entered the inner,most cherished cirle of our lives. I remember the Lockerbie bombing tragedy some thirty years ago. In Pakistan many people thought of it that it was an event so far away, to some so remote, unknown people, Scotland, where? It seemed almost unreal to many people here. Then there was a knd of sympathy for the Libyans as there was a friendship between the countries. In Mulim countries there is a quiet comeraderie amongst the elite, especially the ruling classes, almost to the level of ugly conspiracy. The level of sweeping the dirt under the carpet and looking the other way is so common almost a sinister, custom.So we never really felt the pain of the loved ones' loss as they were a different race, colour, religions.Almost nonexistence. Now as we feel the intense pain of loss of our loved ones, and this debate comes on BBC, the universal truth of the tragedy and irreplaceable loss of victims of violence is real and ah,so close! The lancinating pain of grief and sorrow, the simple and profound inability to do anything, becomes a sore.
As the debate If Al Meghrahi was innocent and why was he released, and what is the real justice, raged, a simple admission by Dr. Tim Wire brought tears to my eyes. He said bieng a Christian he found it simple to forgive and that to him was the ultimate tribute to his 20 year old doctor daughter who died in the crash. He believes that Meghrahi maybe innocent as there was not enough evidence for him to believe otherwise. Can we have that courage of conviction of belief in our hearts to forgive like he has done. But then he believes that Meghrahi is not the perpetrator. What if he is and the other families think so and so do the Scottish courts.'?Can you forgive if your daughter is raped, and killed? Can you forgive if an injustice is done to you and the perpetrator is set free? Forgiveness is so difficult.May families of victims of violence find peace.
Maybe the act of forgiveness is the real healer and then we can carry on,move ahead.


  1. Forgiveness is at the very heart of Christianity. Jesus on the cross asked God to "forgive them for they knew not what they do" the only prayer that Jesus actually gave us says in part we should ask God to, "forgive our sins as we forgive our transgressors."

    That is why the Religious Right in America - which claims to be Ultra-Christians are so evil - they do not forgive. Without having a capacity to forgive we are nothing more than animals.

    However, forgiving has NOTHING to do with which Invisible Spaghetti Monster (ISM) you bow to - as an Atheist it is a cornerstone of how I see any civilized human treating another.

    Religion would serve mankind much better if the religious would ONLY consider the GOOD things they think their ISM's said and ignore the hateful disgusting murderous parts. AND - if you can do that then congratulations - you are a thinking rational human being and are well on your way to - Atheism.

    I enjoy your blog, peace.

  2. thanks for your honest comments. I also feel that compartmentalising human morality and passing judgements that are adverse to the fairness concept of humanity is a trait we all should leave if we have to live peacefully. Thanks for enjoying my blog. I love life and respect all life and I celebrate this with joy and non-violence only. Only with love and respect for life in all forms!