Friday, October 9, 2009

Ah, What To Do In Afghanistan, Pakistan?Mr. Obama's Headache Dilemma?

After bieng joked about as the "most not doing anything" president in the US , Mr Obama is faced with a real headache. And he thought he had it all lyed out "Chrystal" clear! His "New" strategy on how to handle the Afghan, now "Afpak" problem, remains as elusive, mutating, hazy, smoky, "The Matrix" resembling. All the strategic experts, think tanks, advisors could'nt clear the dirty, cloudy skies above Afghanistan, Pakistan region.Why don't they listen to the Pakistan Army? It gives them sane advice!See editorial page .Why dont they heed the "right from the Horses" mouth advice, on how to handle the mess that is Afghanistan and in Mrs. Clinton's own words, "we created this mess".Why is India so active in Afghanistan? Still thinking of "Akhand Bharat".Irony! The same mentality that leads to a massive buildup of conventional weapons by India and Pakistan, and the "favorite" Religiously eulogised, claimed ,named, hateful in my point of view ,nuclear weapons,Agni, Shaheen and all such "Hell" achieving weapons is bieng applied by India for achieving some sort of objectives to "contain" Pakistan.Failed strategy! I am an ordinary, Taleban bitten female doctor laughing at you high level ,informed( or mis percieved) thinking.
The whole solution aspect has changed in the whole world. Cant you, trained, educated in the respective fields, strategists,policy makers etc , etc, see?Thanks to the digital age the divide between people who know, like specialists in military affairs, the ordinary 16 year old suicide bomber, the wannabe and would be "born and bred ,educated but then his heart changed, young Brit of Pakistani origin", the ordinary citizen, female blogger like me,the learned Ayesha Siddiqa, and independant strategic and political analyst according to Dawn newspaper, has narrowed. All of a sudden CNN, Amanpour, Farid Zakaria, want the opinion of ordinary people and believe me some of us are real ordinary, give them our opinion on their websites, facebook groups, twitter(very fashionable post Iran election),so that they can "Know" the real situation.So the "Thinking" and reaching a conclusion aspect has changed from "Specialist" focus to people centric multiple,inputs focus! Funny what I posted on Amanpour facebook Clinton/Gates interview about the whole region bieng destablised if US left early, was reflected by Mr. John McCain, in his Larry King interview yesterday, word to word. Can you see what I am saying?
So I again emphasise that why does'nt Mr. Obama listen to the Pakistan Army Methodology of the Afghan Problem solution. This is realistic and more favorable even for the Indians.
Indians have to think and "deposture" their original tough stand ,post Mumbai attacks ,start negotiating on Kashmir and really get down to solving problems with Pakistan instead of the "old" "dogmatic" unresolvable postures on most issues. This is the only way to move forward.
Funny in a previous post, I an ordinary person had voiced my indignation against "Nuclear Weapons" and amazingly this past week the UN resolution against the Nuclear Weapons has been passed. So , this is what I am talking about in the context of "opinions" and "thoughts "of ordinary people bieng important. This shows the trend , the wave,as this whole region is in war since the last thirty years we are all tired. Tired physically, emotionally, economically, intellectually!
The "Winning" strategies of the hearts and minds of the ordinary people are not by physical wars! The Ideological war is also confusing as the "good ideology" of one people maybe the "bad ideology " for another. Afghanistan and for that matter Pakistan has always resisted other ideoplogies. Islam appears to stay in this region. It is bieng distorted and imposed also as an "Good" salafist ideology by the Taleban, therefore finding resistance and unacceptability by a population that is already muslim. So all foreign ideologies will be resisted by the people themselves.
Look what is happeneing in Pakistan. Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi, a soft spoken, non violent, anti US , favoring Islamic Caliphate, scholar was killed by taleban as he issued a fatwa, an Islamic edict against suicide bombing.The sitting minister for religious affairs, Mr. Kazmi, a kind and balanced muslim was attacked and injured by taleban extremists. These brave men are standing their ground.So are thousands of ordinary Pakistanis who have to go about their business everyday whether there is a suicide bombing or not. Majority are muslims living in state known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so they will fight and defend their ideology. The Islamic political parties always get a very small share in elections so they boycott, conspire and manupilate and collude with conspirators and dictators, therefore they will spread this pseudo anti US drama this time .
So I do hope that Mr. Obama keeps the hopes, aspirations, desires, of the ordinary people of Afghanistan and Pakistan and reach a conclusion to devise a strategy that will bring everlasting peace to the region. The American people also need to understand that no quick fix solutions and especially early strategic withdrawal will be able to achieve these objectives and make US safe again. Pakistan army is a major strategic player in this path to peace and stability and believe me it knows what it's talking about this time!

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