Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Blurps and Blurts: Wikileaks,David Camaroon & Karzai.

Act real Mr. Camaroon.
There is a young student in Pakistan who has written a long, long blog on Wikileaks, the new "Magic- Black at that" webomania ala Pakistani-Afghan-US-Islamists hash-a-mash! Her long rants which I could not verify or understand no matter how hard I tried showed what this world is becoming , a world full of junk, far removed from reality, where each actor is on a different page. The Pentagon has started studying the 90,000 leaked documents now. It shows the names of the Afghan informers. What a shock for Mr. Karzai? Or is it? Was all this leaking business deliberate? You know pre-elimination game? Is this the reason why Mr. Karzai who seemed to be shaking hands with Pakistanis only a few days back, signing Afghan Transit Trade Agreement which all of the Pakistanis are not too happy about, suddenly asks the NATO forces as to why have'nt they attacked the Islamists inside Pakistan? Why is he thinking out or rather raving out loud?
And across the border Mr. David Camaroon, who till a few days back was speaking good of the Pakistanis, insists on his "business" visit to India (see Mr.Campbell's insightful, baring article in India times today) that Pakistanis must take action on groups like Quetta Shura, Afghan taliban???, Pakistani taliban, and of course to please the Indians Loit. How in the world Afghan taliban , if I were to ask? We are not fighting in Afghanistan and who is funding and supplying latest arms and ammunition to the forces that are destabilising Baluchistan? And what about the daily, ghastly human rights abuses in Kashmir? I hate terrorism. I bieng a female openly challenge the extremists with my writing and tv appearances, yet why am I asking Mr. Camaroon as to why is he also taking a one sided public appearance in India? I thought that Mr. Blair had done enough of dirty "lying" drama regarding the Iraq invasion (remember the "good conscience scientist committing suicide?) . I really thought Mr. Camaroon was more stable, smarter, and even "real" than well....
But  to put all his delegation in their places we have Mr. Campbell's article. I do not need to write any more.
India is smug with its recent happy signing and business with US. Now it is expanding its interests' safeguards with Myanmar( Burma). No questions about Burma's support from North Korea in building its nuclear capability, its shameful abuses of human rights, its almost genocidal extermination of political opponents and masses. So Indian military might is easily looked away from. No questions about its growing, almost nauseating regional influence, Afghanistan, Pakistani Baluchistan and all. Poverty increases in India. Pakistan has been paying the price of its Afghan war involvement thanks to the US and India's growing military might. India still keeps on expanding its strategic and foolishly military interests, perpetuating the cycle of poverty in its own regions (what do you think the Maoist insurgents are gaining popularity on?) and depriving the Pakistani people of their economic progress as the larger chunk is spent on defence budget. And Mr. Camaroon thinks that just by his foolish statements India will be impressed. He hasn't heard of the Indian "Banya" I think.

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