Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jessica Stern ..A Brave Admission of Denial of Sexual Abuse.

The brave girl who made a life for herself and now exposes how the society due to ignorance and sense of false security denies what children have to say about bieng raped even in US is the expert Jessica Stern. Her interview sheds light on the continuous humiliation,  a rape and sexual assault  survivor has to face in a society be it a country like the US or like Pakistan. Hearing her recall, questions arise as to how a society by denial,  as the civilised US with many systems in place makes the child's suffering worse and how difficult it must be for children especially the girl child in countries like Pakistan where systems ,even for justice are not in place, where children and women are violated for power and macho dominance and to teach the enemy a lesson. Where incest is pushed under the rug, where collection of evidence as for a crime is disfavored in the name of religion.Where tribal and fuedal mindset people have started residing in urban posh areas like Defence and Clifton and testing their raping and humiliation skills amongst urban schoolkids especially girls, where even middle class salaried people cannot have safety  and justice for their kids because there is no system. Where women domestic workers are raped, humiliated, abused and eventually killed as so often reported in Punjab's major towns and cities.  This also opens many questions as to why and how a society that is governed by higher principles of religion and morality becomes so unjust and cruel.This also opens up the question as to what is terrorism,and what is poverty linked crime? Is poverty the drive for some forms of violence?  or lack of moral and social control as in case of the tribals and fuedals of Sindh which drives them to rape and karo-kari murders is the driving force.So many issues to be researched and addressed and yet the Pakistani society continues it's state of "Denial".http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/books/excerpt-denial.pdf

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