Saturday, July 24, 2010

Honour Killings In Sindh.

Why am I being killed for being gang raped? Whither justice? Whither Islam?

The sad story of a 50 year old married woman from Larkana , Sindh stares at us from the newspaper, making faces at us, grimacing, sending shivers down our spines. Ms. Husna Bhutto , a married woman, was shot dead in cold blood by her son-in-law, Ishaque Bhutto, as he could not tolerate the fact that she was gang raped. This kind of beastly revenge from a woman who had even brought up the  murderer as a son shows the kind of mentality that is prevalent in Sindh even in this day and age when president Asif Zardari is talking of putting in “chips” to monitor movement of cattle and buffalos in the Benazir Waseela-e-haq programme for poor people. When he can promise to bring in “free” internet and laptops in villages and towns of Sindh , why can not he see that the poor victims of gang rapes are being forced to change evidence, or being killed to free the men who did the heinous acts?
Where is the Sindhi society on these injustices? The few NGOs do protest but where is the large majority of Sindhi people? I am asking the intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, rich and affluent. Why are they just not voicing their protest while these injustices and sheer barbarism blackens our newspapers and our honor as a nation.
The criminals have disappeared reportedly in Baluchistan to avoid being arrested. Why Baluchistan? Why has Baluchistan become a safe haven for criminals from Sindh? There is so much talk of disappearances from Baluchistan and so much hue and cry of injustices by the Pakistani state on Baluchis. Then why are these criminals easily finding safe havens there?
It seems that there is an immoral camaraderie in men from Sindh and Baluchistan to help each other in cases they describe as “Honor Killings”. Kill any woman and man  , because of any reason , be it property, desire, greed, and justify it as honor.
Where is the religious lobby, whose responsibility is most important? Where is the judiciary on this? When will we do any thing to bring these injustices to court? Is there any more serious situation than is prevalent in Sindh now? Will the blood of Husna Bhutto not rise up and drown all of us in shame as that of  Sassui did.

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