Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why OSAMA BIN LADEN Is Right And We Are Not!

Gotcha! Ha! Listening? Looking?
Watch Now!

So the world watches ,listens and sees when its attention is caught. Othewise a NANO bieng like myself can write NICE article, NEW thing but BULLSHIT who sees , who listens. Well , this is not a depressed female rant. I am trying to write a new serious post about the new BUSINESS model for HEALTHCARE as envisaged by the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW and also where in the world WE (3.8 BILLION ASIANS) do we stand when the very modern strategy is applied and HITS US?
Asia is uneven. In terms of ECONOMY, PER CAPITA INCOME, and plain right means to address or RESTRUCTURE , where do we the ASIANS stand ?
Our Children OR midgets?

According to the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, there will be ten new COMMANDMENTS according to which our health , well THEIR  health needs will be addressed .
Asia is uneven in terms of health ,  education, service delivery mechanisms and institutions in social sectors. CORRUPTION, Social sector budgeting. The Chinese model of growth will be not emulated by any other Asian economy as the BLUEPRINT is very different in India and others. However, the level of HEALTH DELIVERY and OUTCOMES will depend on the PRIORITY given to HEALTHCARE, the need to keep Millinium Development Goals as THE development/ political agenda, the warding away and prioritizing Budgetary allocations on Social sector and of course fighting or WEEDING OUT CORRUPTION.
The Asian picture arises as MALARIA, TUBERCULOSIS, OTHER ENDEMICS LIKE TYPHOID, INFLUENZA and their control, and providing health services in an even manner to SUCH Large populations such as INDIA(1.14 billion) and CHINA (1.325 billion). In case of infectious diseases which are likely to become pandemic the capacity of the HOST COUNTRIES  to PREVENT and CONTROL these monsters is again questonable.
According to this post (Megatrends in global healthcare by Karen Dillon and Steve Prokesch, the trends in typical diseases of the West will arise sharply in the East as the population and lifestyle changes in Asia. The needs and expenditure will also need to be addressed.

Planning or PLANING?

A question thus arises here what will be the impact on the Developed world if we fall short/ slip away/do not prioritize the HEALTH NEEDS of ASIA?.Look for answers  WHERE?
I think gone are the days of massive policy planning at GOVERNMENT level inputs. Now the whole approachshould be GRASSROOTS. How the health of a nation improves should START at the community level. Policy INPUTS also have to be from BOTTOMS UP

Dive or Delve?Prepared to face the Health Challenge in Asia?

 ,just like EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE. And a the new trends arise in sophisticated health delivery systems like vending machines for BP, Cholesterol checks,remote reporting, these will definitely help the far off .
(See Innovations and demand soar in emerging economies, Innovations that will Transform Medicine by Gardiner Morse, )
 The communities that do not have trained health personnel will also be helped as in the remote villages and mountaineous dwellers in Pakistan.
The only hurdle is the cost of providing the new technology for health care, but then the budgeting and funding needs to be Prioritized in terms of HEALTH OUTCOMES and IMPACT.(I am not even thinking about making mobile fones HEALTH SMART& they want their excitement thru IPAD only, right now!)

Food, Nutrition, Obesity, Diabetes, Ear Wax?///Health Impact and outcomes???Cost effective healthcare/health costs packages?

by now you must have read the links I attached and must have started thinking about the WIDE GAP between the two WORLDS of WEST(DEVELOPED) and EASTand I mean Asia (DEVELOPING AND UNDERDEVELOPED) all lumped into one countries and its socio-political and socio-economic impact.
Grey matter turning into Grey areas, eh?
Choices of Cost effective Strategies, health Insurance/ cost packages , priority areas for health intervention or ZOOM!!!!!!What health Markets???/

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