Monday, April 19, 2010

Pakistan Happenings...April2010.

The "historical" event and much acclaimed about political parties was the 18th amendment which finished off the 17th amendment , doing away with the all empowered presidential seat and the ban on third time prime ministerial seat, which hung around the neck of Nawaz Sharif.The controversial points which are bieng disliked by many are doing away with increased women's seat, intraparty elections and the change of name of NWFP to Khyber- Pakhtunkhuwa. There have been very bad kind of mob protests, mainly by non-political party groups whose name is little known suddenly, burning breaking public property, buses and halting all traffic and business. The over strong action by police, killing 10 people in Hazara has led to people asking questions about the intent of the administartion to use more force. The question here is what should the administration do as there are suicide bombings almost everyday in the province. The Hazara seperate province group has suddenly become very vocal.This is fanning the other seperate province moves also.
The other events that are creating havoc are almost daily suicide bombings, in the frontier province and Baluchistan. The Kohat bombing yesterday where twin suicide attacks killed at least 40 people, some of them poor IDPs who had lind up for food aid and in Quetta inside hospital, where a killed banker, son of  a Shia leader was bieng visited by an MNA and media, are are truely gruesome. As I write this post another bomb blast has occured in Peshawar. The frequency with which schools are bieng blown up and bombings occuring is so frequent that I am unable either to keep count or write in detail about them.
The UN commission on Benazir Bhutto's murder has also given a report. Some  like the PPP call it vindication and some question the authenticity, intent, and completeness of the investigation.The pointing of fingers at general (retired) Musharraf has him reacting prematurely and saying things like " he has  a shot left in his armour" has opened up a musical chairs game in pointing fingers and trying to find answers .The entire country wants to know the answer in black and white.If Baitullah Mehsud was the mastermind then he has succeeded in planting suspicious seeds and tightening the noose or almost around his enemy. meanwhile conspiracy theories, which the Pakistanis are so fond of due to any logical and illiterate approach to investigation, aboud, and circulate. For the Zardari haters it still remains a much parrotted "who gained most from her death' theory as if getting a presidential seat and the party Co-Chairmanship is maximum benefit. What about applying this logic to Pakistan's enemies like the militants and the terrorists. Do not they gain maximum by depriving Pakistan from an able and energetic leader who may have been able to take the country forward?
As I write about these thoughts I want to share a few startling things I discovered trying to make a list of young , promising Pakistani politicians on Twitter.There were only three , two of them women and one male . Out of the two women , one does not even describes herself as politician but an author, activist and a journalist. no mention of Dasti , the lying about his graduation parliamentarian, who the PPP is giving ticket to again. Out of the other dynastic progeny in political parties, none is on twitter or facebook, none cares what other people think or write or say. By the way the three on twitter also dont care for any interaction and their mmessaging is shut like masters or kings. Long live failing Pakistan. (This definition and explaination another time)

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    i was surprised to see they took 2 yrs to decide it cud hav been prevented
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