Monday, November 9, 2009

Allama Mohammad Iqbal ...A Great Visionary Poet Of The Subcontinent, South Asia!

Iqbal  was a great poet of the south asian subcontinent. He wrote his philosophy in the form of prose but mainly poetry was his chosen medium, the joy and beauty of whose expression he excelled in his style and rendition. The language of Urdu was used by him in it's pristine,varied expressive,entirety while Persian has been used as a great fluent expression also. V.G. Kiernan has translated some of his works in poetry in a beautiful book printed by Oxford University Press whih every home should have.I qoute   to some pieces  here for readers to enjoy.

Modern Man

Love fled, Mind stung him like a snake; he could not
Force it to vision's will.
He tracked the orbits of the stars ,yet could not
Travel his own's thoughts world;
Entangled in the labyrinth of his science
Lost count of good and ill;
Took captive the sun's rays, and yet no sunrise
On life's thick night unfurled!

Today And Tomorrow

No claims to the future,it's joy or it's sorrow,
Has he in whose soul no hot passion burns now;
Unworthy the tumult and strife of to-morrow
That nation to whose will today does not bow

Iqbal was an idealist. his vast education in Europe made him a thinker. He questioned the 'status qou' of the muslim clergy, intellectuals and poets of his times in India. India was at the time in a stagnant religious, mode in context to Muslims in his times. The muslim way of life had become, routine, stagnant and unlike what a muslim life should be according to him. His whole philosophy seems to revolve around awakening of this stagnant, slumbering Muslim thought and way of life to a more passionate, active, questioning, doing persona. Somehow at that time this coincided with the formation of Pakistan and therefore, he is considered as the person whose ' Takhaeuul' or vision was Pakistan. 

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