Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ah The Political Elite,Misfits In Pakistan...Or Are They?

As the new controversy is started about the National Reconciliation Ordinance, so many things are opened to debate. The issue of corruption is foremost, false allegations and bad judicial conduct over the past several years is hand in glove with the ills that now infest Pakistani politics. Due to the continuous manipulation and culture of corruption, the state is now a joke . The common man has no access to justice. The whole judicial system is corrupt to the core. If a poor ordinary person is held by any form of administrative setup and especially the police, he is doomed. his entire family, his children will be finished forever. They will never get any justice . They will not be even given a charge sheet. The police will simply skin them alive. The police is so corrupt that when the rich ,powerful fuedals and corrupt politicians telephone them ,they spare the murderers even. I have witnessed a servants young son bieng sent to jail and punished with life sentence instead of the rich boy, who killed a fellow friend and the poor boys'  father was blackmailed and threatened with dire consequences if he did not cooperate. The police rapes and loots the poor girls and is in league with corrupt officials and fuedals all over the Punjab and Sindh. Nobody can do anything. The journalists who try to do anything are quietened in other ways, They often lose their lives. When a poor girl comes to a shelter home like Darul Aman, there are cars in line with 'customers' to rape and molest her.
All politicians and so called peoples representatives know this and they are not doing anything. The Fort Wood Psycho should come to Pakistan for his shooting ,he will find justified role here aplenty.
So what is this NRO bit? The real beneficiaries the PML Q members joined the Musharraf government. Mr Altaf Hussain has 31 murder cases registered against him. His main crime is that he is 'Urdu' speaking.
He will never be accepted as  a real leader. They will never accept him, no matter what and how big his votebank is.
Pakistan is racist, ethnically divided, polarised society. They never accept other ethnicity.They believe in biradari, lineage and such farce in this modern age.To Pakistanis, egalitarian justice, giving and safeguarding human rights is a 'foreign gaali' (abuse).Bieng a non-muslim is a license to death!
The politicians are coming from either fuedal backgrounds where landed violence on poor farmers to the extent of rape and beating and physical torture is a sign of 'The Power' of the landlord. Same people and their corrupt females come to sit in assemblies. How can they guard the rights of the poor downtrodden masses.
Then there is the 'religious ellite' .These are represented by their political people also. These are thoroughly corrupt too taking the facade or hiding behind a party or madressah or group with young militant wings. They have really messed up the political scene and are now fighting with the establishment, another clandestine group of persons in power, corrupt, dishonest, ruthless and favoring any bad thing in order to maintain status quo and power.
The army elite is another powerful , fat group of people against whom even whispering a word is equated with blasphemy. Their agencies will know what time you shitted, or slept with your partner and will be most ignorant of the 'suicide bomber' planning. Mr Musharraf had a declared  worth 40 crores even before he became president.None of the DHA or other army affiliate organisation accounts are known.
The few stray politicians who independantly come into power have to side with one group or another in order to maintain their political stature and stay in power.
So it boils down to the grim fact that there is no true representation of people in Pakistan. Whatever little modicum of institutions is there is because of foreign  especially western support. This is bieng so strongly antagonised by the pseudo-religious groups. these are causing permanent damage to the tru eliberation of the people of Pakistan and the semblance of freedom.
Mr Zardari's worth of 1.8 billion on wikipedia is to be questioned. How did he become so rich? From the money of Bambino Cinema tickets, which his father Hakim Ali Zardari owned? Their land was also not so much. Why are people not questioning the historical fact and that too only of  twenty years time?

There are so many other corrupt people all over. In Pakistan if you are honest, hard working, meritorious, even your own family will call you a fool , a 'choo...' expletive deleted. there never will be Bill Gates or Howard Hughes here, no Tatas or any such examples. The business community also thrives on cheating, corruption and shortcuts. Nobody will question you if you have money. Justice is only for the poor. the downtrodden, the ethnically different as in Urdu speaking or such. Why this NRO farce now when Mr Zardari was 'safe' and 'smug' in his presidency and the PPP was in power?Note my past tense.
An ordinary educated person from middle middle class will only get some decent job or any job on recommendation of some rich and powerful, not on merit. The society is now so beaten up and raped and quiet, that it now accepts all injustice as a 'fate'!
There will never be  a revolution in the true sense here.


  1. I don't know what to say - except that if half of what you say is correct - then please emigrate to Canada. Pakistan may not value you but I'd be delighted to have you and your family as my next door neighbours. Having read your blog for some time now I think you'd be welcome by most anyone you'd meet here - and most any other country.

    Sometimes the best way to avoid being overcome by sewage is just to get out of the sewer - no matter how many profound hopes you've had for it over the years. A sewer is a sewer - it will continue to disappoint. Remember, a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome.

    I can think of some insults to throw at Pakistan - but I truly can't think of anything constructive that could help you and your family enjoy so many of the things that we Canadians just take for granted.

    At least have love in your heart and peace in your soul - no one can take that from you!

  2. Dear reader, thanks for appreciating my blog and offering a refuge! Almost all my family is in Canada and many in UK. My mom is also in UK . She gets good medical care and we are greatful to god and the UK govt for giving her the shelter when all her life she worked as an educationist and teacher in Pakistan ,on merit ,did so much for education in Karachi. Not one plaque is there on her name, not one land plot for house given but God rewards His good subjects. I am not bitter. We love and adore Pakistan. I am amongst the priviliged, who own a house, live by the sea, who can do good deeds out of choice. i will want to leave Pakistan only for a better future for my daughter in the sense of acceptance and peace in a society that is torn apart by injustice, prejudice, intolerance and violence. But what about the millions of little girls and boys who cannot go to schools in the frontier because their schools were blown up by the Taleban and other militants? What about the little girls who (almost all) wanted to be doctors, and pilots and teachers? My heart aches bieng a mother when I see a young mother and a father gathering a dead or injured in their arms. Can you imagine the pain, the anguish,the hopelessness of the situation. Their towns were built, their kids were going to school and colleges. What happened? Under the last dictator, Musharraf, almost all frontier territory is seemingly occupied by militants, even Kohat and bannu, army areas! what happened when Mr. Bush gave billions of dollars of American tax payers money , without account to Musharraf? Is the US public demanding an accountability on public format? No!So this idea of escaping for a'better'life maybe a dream, an escape. For people like me I will always stand against injustice, side up with the lepers, heal the sick with God's help!If I settle abroad my heart will be with the people of Pakistan, with love and in need,although I would love to have a cup of tea with good neighbours like you and my beloved family who are all there!