Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Nizam E Adl Dilemma!

As the much dreaded Nizam e adl regulation is declared imposed in Malakand, a new debate opens in all of Pakistan.What will be the fate of a country that is bieng run with two parallel judicial systems.If it were so simple that the Nizame Adl regulation is the same as that was given by Wali E Swat ( A ruler) and the people were happy with this system and it was recognised by these then Pakistan government,everyone would have been happy and eaten mithai and danced!
But it is not even this simple, it is much more,boundlessly more complicated now. For the people who are saying ANP included that we have implemented this for peace and there was no choice and what other alternative is there, the question is where were you when you stood for last year elections?Were you not aware of the devils league between the MMA (a so called alliance of sorts between religious parties) and The militant groups,varied,with roots in ISI and some such freedom facade organisations?Where were you when Mulla Fazlu was blaring (his school dropout) religious ideas? Did you not know that when you are in government ,these fascists who love flogging innocent and poor women, and who love killing people with Klashnikovs after falsely accusing them of adultery.Did you not know that by the year 2050 most of the Frontier population will be one legged thanks to campaign against polio vaccination,most of your women folk will be dead and if alive, infertile, most of the Pathan kids illiterate besides bieng sick,of stunted growth due to malnutrition,suffereing fron Sexually transmitted disesase like AIDS and Gonorrhea. Most of you children will die before reaching One year of age besides bieng mentally retarded due to birth injuries and lack of nutrition. Will the Nizam e Adl gives any guarantee to mothers to ask for nutrition ,health care, access to education etc? AllAh is running everything, not Cows, so I am asking simple questions.So have you ANP and the conniving comissioner of Malakand, have you seen the future or will you guys plan with the ALL Wise Sufi guy to bribe Allah's angels too? With Klashnikovs eh. God kill the guys who invented these Satanic weapons?
And God curse and blind and kill the people who provide these items to be used against women and children and innocent, peace loving men.
So the issue is not so simple. There is this hidden force of people who are helping and facilitating the Taleban.May Allah curse them!Then there are the very selfish, short sighted people who only want to loot the country. They pretend to be Shaheed and peoples'people ,when infact most of them are looters, rapists,adulterers,maurauders,killers of innocent Haris and peasants,in fact 'EINDHAN FOR HELL" or material for hellfire! INSHALLAH!
Then there are the pseudo-religious,urbanites,going to dars,Koran classes,pretending nothing is happening and do not discuss any issue.They are the worst!
So back to the Nizam E Adl regulation. The Taleban have got this flawed document imposed on the nozzle of the gun. The ANP capitulated because their ideology is non violence. So now in fact The constitution is in Abeyance in Malakand. Only Sufi Sicko's Shariat is there. The sound of Kalashnikov will be the new music, The shrill screams of flogged women will not be shown, no hanging beheaded corpses in Green chowk shown as the administration has declared the Chand Bibi flogging video fake and are now fooling the Supreme court which already they do not abide by.See the picture?So now no news will come out from Malakand, I think all of Frontier.Welcome
to the NEW NUREMBERG IN PAKISTAN!Welcome to ultimate FASCIST state of all times

The Sufi guy and his lot have taken amnesty.They are the law,so who will file cases against the killings of their loved ones. Whoever is killed is killed . So The ANP guys have given forgivreness and amnesty? Where is the list of people killed by Taleban? Where is their crimes list that they had comitted? Where is the list of trial, dates, Qazi names? This was before nizame adl regulation? So what constitution were they following? Afghanistan? Saudi? Any other? What was the Pak Army's intake on this dispensation of justice?
Can we now demand that we want all these head covered Begums ,parliamentarians,to feel the taste of bieng flogged by bieng put on floor face down,in dust,bieng held by men with their hands and private parts on face ,surrounded by strange men,
They are sure to do this for implementing Islamic Sharia of Taleban version. The other laws as provided by constitution of Pakistan are now set aside by them.
I wish there was a non violent and much debate on these issues. But thanks to the fascist and Ostrich mentality of most Pakistanis ,we are threatened as poor Samar Minallah if we speak. Our Police officers esp, also threaten women citizens if they ask for in formation on rape victims.
So now the free speech is a no ,no! you just keep your mouth shut and go to hell or otherwise we will flog you, rape you or kill you.Long Live Pakistan ,only if it guarantees justice,equality,freedom of expression,secularity of state,freedom to practice all and any religion and socialistic economy for all its people.


  1. Hello, I like the blog.
    It is beautiful.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from Portugal

  2. Thanks especially for the Hug we need this badly now!

  3. hi, you might wana see a debate on the issue this program..

  4. and I am yet to hear a convincing answer to what would have been an alternative when the local people were all displaced, and there was no peace and no respite for the common man...I will look forward to a better solution to the miseries the common people of swat were facing there from you....

  5. Hi DOT Or human whatever your good name is. What do you think Inam writing in my post? Dont you feel the intense anguish, pain, despondency,intense desire to help the Pakistanis and fellow muslims? Do you think the answers or rather the solutions are so easy? Why do you study your D Phil Degree? To find answers? What do you think these discussions,these desperate painful headbanging is for? Please see in U tube what happens to a borderline personality disorder patient. See and you will know what is happening to a Pakistanintoday, whether muslim or not, whether Pathan or not. We are all crying for each other, we are all in pain. You think if a guy is killed for no reason we deont cry? No, for each one of us who is alive the pain is so real as if our own son died. If something happens to you what will your mom feel? Thats what is happening to all moms whther we are in Karachi or Swat.WE want our Pakistan to be peaceful. But freedom of exspression, discussion and debate is the only healthy path for societies and people.Not Fascism,Dogma, Tyranny. Even Allah condemns tyranny and Fascism.

  6. I hope you are not offended in anyway by my comment :S
    The reason I commented was because when I just imagine myself in the shoes of ANP at the moment, I can't come up with any peaceful alternative at the moment and that is why, I wouldn't condemn ANP for what they did....(and I do not doubt their intentions for genuinely feeling for the people there and wanting to come up with a solution keeping in mind the common people there)..And I said that in response to
    For the people who are saying ANP included that we have implemented this for peace and there was no choice and what other alternative is there, the question is where were you when you stood for last year elections? At the moment, the priority should be bring peace before anything else and I believe the government's writ just wasn't there to do anything else other than killing more people :S...But freedom of exspression, discussion and debate is the only healthy path for societies and people.Of course it is and that is why I came here to share my view , hope it is fine now...:)
    finally, I am not a supporter of ANP, not even one little bit but I do believe that they did it for peace..

  7. Dear DOT, I greatly respect your views and also our fellow ANP voters and parliamentarians, I am only doing intellectual debate, I am not even against Shariah Law, but it has to be implemented in cotext of The constitution of Pakistan and under the passing by Parliament after much debate ,not in a hurried way. You are right that the Frontier govt is in a position of weakness, it had to implement whatever deal with Maulvi Sufi, for peace,but we have to register our differences of opinion. See the articles in editorial page in Dawn newspaper today, there is so many issues of law making, implications,implementation,dispensation of justice, will it be justice,then see the front page for what Maulvi Sufi is saying about Courts,he is shaking foundations of judiciary. Right or wrong, this is an issue. But it all has to be non-violent,meanwhile the Taleban takeover Pakistan.